Extended SPIEF-2019 program published

The forum will take place on June 6–8, 2019. The main theme of the event: “Forming the agenda for sustainable development.”

The program of the Forum consists of four thematic blocks: “The World Economy in Search of Balance”, “The Russian Economy: Realizing the Goals of National Development”, “Technologies Approaching the Future”, “Man First”.

“The Forum’s program is based on a thorough analysis of current trends in the development of all sectors of the global economy. Thanks to the work of experts, scientists, professional and public associations, discussions within the framework of the SPIEF business program become the key to solving the most important problems of world economic development. The conclusions made as a result of discussions at the Forum are pushing business and government to take the necessary decisions to achieve the goals of sustainable development, ”said Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov.

As part of the track “The World Economy in Search of Balance”, sessions will be held on topical issues of global macroeconomic development, such as changes in the structure of the world economy and trade in the digitalization era, competition and regulation in the consumer market, balance of commercial goals and sustainable development goals in business. Separate sessions will be devoted to the impact of climate challenges on the development of the modern world, the preservation of the oceans and ecotourism.

In the track “Russian economy: realizing the goals of national development”, they will consider ways to stimulate economic growth as the basis for achieving national development goals. Within this area, there will be sessions devoted to attracting investment in national projects, the quality of the investment environment and the protection of investors’ rights, and the promotion of high-tech Russian exports. Special attention will be paid to the development of the regions: such issues as digital development of regions, investment attractiveness rating, specialization of regions in the innovation sector of the economy, as well as competitiveness of Russian education, migration policy, public health architecture, and solid municipal waste management are on the agenda.

Sessions in the direction of “Technologies approaching the future” will be devoted to the opportunities and challenges that follow the development of technologies and the digital transformation of the economy. Discussions will cover the development of artificial intelligence and cyber threats, digitalization of individual sectors of the economy, as well as international interaction in science.

Discussions in the track “Man First” will touch the role of education and training for the economy of the future, the importance of social communications for sustainable development, equality of opportunities in the digital economy and the use of technology to transform health care and other spheres of human life.

In addition, within the framework of the country business dialogues, discussions will take place on issues of bilateral cooperation in the economy between representatives of Russian business and participants from Austria, Germany, India, Italy, China, USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland and African countries. Also, the EAEU-ASEAN business dialogues and events dedicated to Russian-European cooperation and innovative cooperation in the CIS countries will be held. Business breakfasts of the banking sector, pharmaceutical companies and IT breakfast are also included in the SPIEF business program.

Among the events on the margins of the Forum are the Regional Consultative Forum “Business Twenties” (B20), the Russian-Chinese Energy Business Forum, the World Energy Council (WEC) session, the Valdai Club session, the International Youth Economic Forum, the SCO Conference, the V Russian Forum small and medium-sized businesses, BRICS Conference.

The full version of  the SPIEF-2019 program  is available on the official website of the event.

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