How to calculate the date of payment of benefits under the law

Only two days remain until June 1. This year, this date for citizens is connected not only with Children’s Day and the beginning of summer, but also with the start of the payment of a lump sum allowance of 10 thousand for children from 3 to 16 years promised by the president. The passions around this allowance have not abated since May 11.

Immediately after Vladimir Putin’s appeal, thousands of Russians brought down the public services site in pursuit of payments. Until now, not all parents have managed to apply because of various problems in the system. And the lucky ones who nevertheless coped with the difficult task can no longer wait for the official registration of the application with the Pension Fund. We found out who is legally entitled to receive benefits in early June.

On May 22, the Government signed a decree on the allocation of more than 197 billion rubles for lump sum payments to children from 3 to 16 years old. These payments should affect more than 19 million minors. However, due to various problems and failures, some citizens still have not been able to send the coveted statement. And the people who were able to form the appeal were faced with the fact that it had been waiting in the queue for processing for weeks and did not enter the FIU.

In particular, the statement of our correspondent, sent on May 13, hung in line for sending to the FIU for 6 days, and after May 19, its status on the website of the State Service did not change at all. In the end, I guessed to look for a loss in my personal account on the website of the Pension Fund, which can be accessed by the login and password of the State Services website. And, lo and behold, it turned out that my appeal was registered with the department and sent for processing on May 21. Accordingly, from this moment the countdown of the time allotted for consideration of the application and the transfer of money to the current account began. An interesting point – in fact, I filled out applications at the State Service on May 13, but the date of its official submission to the portal is the 19th day, the day when my turn finally came to send the appeal to the FIU.

According to Government Decision No. 652 of May 11, 2020 (entered into force May 20), an application for child benefits must be considered by the Pension Fund within 5 business days from the date of registration. This period in accordance with the Civil Code begins on the day following the date of registration of the appeal. That is, if my application is registered on May 21, it must be considered before the end of the working day on May 28. If a decision is made to refuse payments, the agency must notify the applicant of this within 1 business day. If everything is in order with the appeal and it is satisfied, the Pension Fund has three more working days to transfer the required funds. Accordingly, in my case, the money should go to the account I have indicated no later than June 2. As a rule, funds reach the recipient the next day. In this way,

To receive the treasured funds on the first day of payments, June 1, under a favorable set of circumstances, will be able to those whose appeal was registered with the FIU on May 19 or earlier. Since the government’s decree on the timing of the consideration of applications for child benefits came into force only on May 20, before this time the FIU was not obliged to consider such appeals at all. And this, in general, is logical, since payments in any case will begin only from June 1. The only question is whether the regional branches of the FIU will cope with the huge number of applications for child benefits accumulated by May 20.

“I filed the application on May 14, and 16 have already registered it with the FIU,” says Tatyana from Moscow. “However, I do not particularly believe that the amount due will be credited to my account on time.” In April, I was faced with filling out unemployment benefits and realized how the whole system worked. Until now, I can’t even understand how much payment was assigned to me and how the calculation was made. A huge number of people are claiming for children’s payments, it is unlikely that officials will be able to clear all this in due time.

Interestingly, most likely the first to receive the treasured funds are not those who managed to send the application before everyone else. Many parents who formed the appeal on the State Services on May 12 faced with the fact that their applications have not yet been registered with the Pension Fund, which means that they definitely will not be able to get money in the forefront. – In our case, obviously, the proverb worked: “Hurry – you make people laugh,” complains Yekaterina from the Moscow region. – On May 12, from the third attempt, I managed to send an application for the payment of benefits for two children. But, obviously, failures still made themselves felt, and my appeal was simply lost in the system.

Until now, it hangs on the site in the queue for sending. In the personal account of the FIU there is also no information about the application, they say on the phone that so far it has not been received. It’s a shame that many friends who applied for payments later, now everything is in order, probably soon and payments will come. And now we most likely will have to re-issue the application in paper form. The problem is that we urgently need money right now, not from a good life right after the president’s speech, I ran to make payments.

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