In Novosibirsk, an SUV broke through a metal fence

In Novosibirsk, an SUV driver was injured in a collision with a fence. On Monday evening, September 27, on Fabrichnaya Street, an SUV driver crashed into a metal fence.

– The driver born in 1965 of the Toyota Land Cruiser, which was moving along Fabrichnaya Street from the Budagov Square towards Vladimirovskaya Street, avoiding a collision with a car, hit an obstacle – a rail-type guardrail, – said the Novosibirsk traffic police propaganda group.

As a result, the man was taken to the hospital with a preliminary diagnosis of a broken leg. Now a traffic police crew is working on the spot, the circumstances of the incident are being established.

Last weekend, the driver hit a pedestrian near Stanislavsky Square and fled the scene of the accident.

“Apocalypse on the road”: on the left bank of Novosibirsk, drivers got stuck in a blind traffic jam

This is how the intersection of the Soviet highway and Petukhov street looks like

Drivers of Novosibirsk got stuck in a traffic jam on the left bank

On Monday evening, September 27, long traffic jams stretched out in Novosibirsk on the streets of Petukhov, Vatutin and Sovetskoye Highway.

In the group of the public “AST-54” it is reported that one of the reasons for the traffic collapse could be an accident at the exit from the housing estate “Matreshkin Dvor” – a truck got stuck in the mud there. According to 2GIS maps, a few hours ago, an accident occurred at the intersection of Sovetskoye Highway and Petukhova Street, which completely blocked traffic in one of the directions. Also, during this time, several minor accidents occurred inside the traffic jam.

Drivers are outraged because of the current situation:

– Apocalypse on the road. I haven’t seen such a kapets for a long time.

– I drove from Khilok to the move for 3.5 hours …

– I will exchange “Ipsum” for “Zhiguli” closer to “Vinap”.

– God, what the … ?! I will starve to death in this traffic jam.

At the same time, 2GIS assesses the traffic situation at 1 point – the roads are free.

Last week at the exit from Novosibirsk there was a huge traffic jam – people stood almost motionless for several hours.

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