Moody’s does not expect from US sanctions a big threat to the Russian economy

Moody’s is not expected to have serious consequences for the economy of the Russian Federation due to the entry into force of the next package of anti-Russian restrictive measures taken by the White House in connection with the poisoning of the former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with gas from Novy in Great Britain.

Washington accuses Moscow of deliberately using chemical weapons in the territory of another state, however, it does not provide any evidence. Recall, the new anti-Russian sanctions of the United States limit exports to the Russian Federation from the US electronic devices and accessories of double meaning.

Experts of the international rating agency Moody’s analyzed the possible consequences that the next package of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States could cause the Russian economy.

«The new restrictive measures on the part of the US will have little effect on the Russian economy, but the more stringent measures envisaged in the second package of sanctions and may be introduced later represent a risk,» Moody’s forecast says.

Moody's does not expect from US sanctions a big threat to the Russian economy

Recall, the new anti-Russian sanctions entered into force on August 22. However, this is only the first package of measures, the White House announced a «continuation of restrictions» in case Moscow does not fulfill the conditions established by Washington.

Thus, in connection with the incident in Salisbury, the USA requires the Russian Federation to guarantee the non-use of chemical weapons. In addition, the Russian side must allow UN observers to enter its territory to conduct appropriate inspections. To comply with these measures, Russia is given three months.

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