Rapper Face announced the cancellation of a concert in another Siberian city

Today it became known that the concert in Novosibirsk, scheduled for October 1, was canceled. Rapper Face’s concert in Omsk canceled

Another concert of the rapper Face (real name Ivan Dremin) has been canceled. It was supposed to take place in Omsk on October 2 – the day after the performance in Novosibirsk. This was announced by the performer during a live broadcast on Instagram.

– Now we have received a message from the management marked “urgent”: Omsk – canceled. Venue “Hangar”, call there and ask for a concert. It is only in their power to make the concert take place. It only depends on them.

According to the rapper’s calculations, five concerts of the entire tour have now been canceled.

– We announced a tour. But the closer the dates were, the more problems appeared. They are not new to me because I have been facing pressure since 2016. The tour will take place, we will make every effort for this. There will be a 100% concert in Moscow. As for the rest of the cities, we will do everything possible to make the concerts take place, except for Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg, they have been postponed to the next year due to strict covid restrictions.

Face told about the difficulties his team faced in the cities of Russia.

– The art director in Krasnoyarsk got a call and was told that it is extremely undesirable to hold this concert. In Novosibirsk, there is a dance floor near the site, which is now prohibited, they were told: Rospotrebnadzor will come, we will nightmare you. Some clubs were so scared that they asked to remove their logos from our posters. Concerts in Ufa, Yekaterinburg – everything is fine, I really hope and do everything possible for the concerts to take place there. Nizhny Novgorod – there every year a list of unwanted artists comes from the FSB, I am on this list. But the concert must pass. Kazan – they called from the office of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan. So far they were just interested. Samara – the owner of the building was threatened.

Ivan Dremin separately mentioned the Minister of Culture of the NSO Natalia Yaroslavtseva, who told TASS that she had not contacted the organizers.

– I would like to mention my favorite character from Novosibirsk – this is the Minister of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region Natalya Yaroslavtseva. She did not take into account the moment that we have a copy of her warning to the director of the “Underground”. We have evidence that we were ready to hold a concert, but the venue is afraid of Natalia Yaroslavtseva. Decide for yourself who is lying. We will not give up. They want to make me *** (not a trustworthy person. – Ed.), But nothing will work, – said Dremin.

The rapper’s concert in Novosibirsk was supposed to take place on October 1 – in the Podzemka loft park. But Face announced today that the show will not take place.

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