Rosstat called the price of quarantine: in pharmacies recorded a record rise in price

Even at the dawn of our antiviral quarantine, Vladimir Putin called on the authorities to mercilessly revoke the licenses of those pharmacies that begin to break the price of medical masks. But he didn’t specify what the red price of this attribute should be.

For almost 2 months of self-isolation, the licenses were not deprived of anyone, there was complete silence and calm in this market. But even this must be said that there were no masks anywhere during this time – neither in pharmacies, nor even in hardware and other non-core stores.

Now yes, they have appeared. Somewhere, 35 rubles a thing, somewhere 43 or 45. In large supermarkets and up to 50 rubles per mask.

Overpriced or not?

The question, it would seem, is not serious. Is there a big difference in price per unit – why be harmful, say thank you for being on sale. After almost two months of the restriction regime, we were nevertheless protected from the coronavirus.

But we will reason logically. Take for the base cost of the mask 30 rubles. Such in some pharmacies and even in bakeries can also be found. Then why are “sometimes” sold at 5 or even 20 rubles more?

Let’s calculate what the mask will cost us. If you follow the recommendations of specialists, then they must be changed every two hours. And if you take the advice of doctors with all responsibility, then even more often. Say, the nose was involuntarily combed, touched the mask with the hand – everything, throw it into the urn. The filter is broken, it is no longer working, put on a new one. Or sweating from frequent breathing – quickly hook onto the ears of another, with such protection you will get sick even faster than without it.

In general, at least 5 masks are required for a full-time job not in conditions of self-isolation. After all, you still need to get to work by public transport, while there and there are already two masks. Yes, plus 8 hours in the office or at the machine. As you wish, and 5 masks per day – the most that neither is at least.

Take the arithmetic average price that can be found today in pharmacies – 43 rubles. So, you need to spend 215 rubles a day.

Maybe for someone from a person working in production, this is not very significant. And maybe he can afford it. In addition, there are few workers, self-isolation in the city, mandatory wearing …

And at 215 rubles a day in a grocery store you can buy:

half a loaf of bread for 15 rubles – why more?

a liter of milk 50 rubles;

10 eggs 50 rubles;

a kilo of buckwheat 40 rubles;

young potatoes 40 rubles a kilogram;

chicken – 170 rubles. It will be enough for a whole week, if the hostess cooks the soup, there will still be left for frying individual pieces.

A person who is out of work as a result of a pandemic and is not going to live on benefits will also need at least two masks a day – at least for public transport. 86 rubles is not the last money, they can also be “left” in the sales department.

So wind up the price of masks or not?

Judging by the packaging – they wind it up. Many face dressings, as readers and buyers tell us, were not released right now, in the heat of heat, but a year or two ago. When there was no trace of a pandemic or a low ruble exchange rate. And they cost a penny. They were kept in warehouses specially in order to be put on sale two months later and earn a little from it.

Of course, health cannot be bought for any money. Maybe for this reason, over the past month, according to the Federal State Statistics Service, prices in pharmacies for medicines and medical products showed the most significant increase in groups of non-food products: 3.2%. In April, they are four times higher than inflation and even higher than rising food prices. Which for the month amounted to 1.2%.

But 3.2% is, so to speak, the average temperature in the hospital. The price for domestic analgin rose by 8.1%, the probiotic Linex by 5.7, and the medication for the treatment of venous diseases Troxerutin by 8%. Multivitamins (5.2%) and eye drops also went up significantly.

Earlier, a number of Russian pharmaceutical companies warned that it might completely suspend the release of 50 drugs from the list of vital ones. They are not satisfied with the restrictions on selling prices that the state imposed by taking these drugs under their personal control.

Maybe we should not look at the price tags of medical masks, but take what they sell? ..

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