The EU is ready to respond if the US introduces new duties on goods from the EU

The European Union is ready to respond promptly if the United States introduces additional duties on EU goods, said European Commission spokesman Daniel Rosario at a briefing.

The US and the EU agreed in July to refrain from introducing new duties for the duration of trade negotiations, the head of the EC Jean-Claude Juncker said.»If the US applies any additional tariffs on European goods, the EU is ready to respond quickly,» Rosario said.

He recalled that the EU and the US are now working towards a «closer economic partnership» in the framework of the July agreements of the European Commission and the United States.

Earlier in July, the EU and the US decided to create an executive working group of the «closest advisors» of the two leaders — the head of the EC Junker and the US president Donald Trump — to promote the trade agreements reached during their July meeting. This group started working in August.

The EU is ready to respond if the US introduces new duties on goods from the EU

The arrangements concern LNG import to the EU from the US, tariffs for non-automotive industrial products, trade in services, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical products, soybeans, and WTO reforms. In addition, it was planned that the working group would determine short-term measures to facilitate trade and assess existing tariffs between the EU and the US.

In July, a source in the EU, familiar with the issue, noted that despite the trade agreements with the US, reached at the meeting of Juncker with Trump, the European Union will keep its countermeasures while there are new US duties on the import of steel and aluminum products from the EU.

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