Yakubovich talked about how he wrote the anthem of the special forces of the FSB

In 2019, the special forces “Alpha” of the special forces of the FSB are 45 years old. The release of the book “People A”, written by special forces veteran Alexei Filatov, is timed to this date.

In the press center of the information agency “MIA Russia Today” Filatov March 21 told the story of writing a book.

According to the veteran, he was inspired to write the book by Honored Artist of Russia, TV host Leonid Yakubovich, who is the author of the unofficial hymn of the special forces special forces unit of the FSB Alpha, the song “Letter A”

“Leonid Arkadyevich is not just the author of our hymn, but also my friend,” says Filatov. “He stood at the origins of this book, my main motivator. We have known each other for a long time, but our relations became really close when in 2006 we had to fly to Khankala. Leonid Arkadevich – this is the man who occasionally repeated to me, “I see that you know, I know that you survived. You have to put it on paper.”

He read what was this book in the beginning. She radically changed and again, under the influence of Leonid Arkadyevich. I broke myself, changed my style. And after reading the paper book, he said to me: “There are a couple of comments here, you listen to me.”

Yakubovich himself spoke about his role in writing the book.

“One clever man, whose name was Rasul Gamzatov, told me: you know Arkadyevich, you can live among your own. You can fall in love, get married and earn money. But sometime there will come a time when you realize that you are a stranger. And only yours can come and understand.

When I went to Chechnya, to Kosovo, I always knew where my people were. It is impossible to explain, it must be felt. Many years later I visited their meetings and they became their own. And so far this “own” hangs over them. Like a guiding star.

These people, they live as they live. And they say how they live. Returning from business trips, I always wanted to go back. To their own. I am pleased that they accepted me. Although I will not pass this way to the end, I was not there.

As it called Lyosha (Alexey Filatov). In a strange voice, he said that their comrade had died. And for half an hour I got this hymn popped up. I did not serve and I did not fight. But I saw them. I was walking around the roadblocks and I know who they are.

It’s a shame that these are memories. It is a pity that they did not write their lives minute by minute. It would turn out the wires. When I got to Beslan, I saw dozens of field graves, all the same: none rises above the other. ”

Answering the question “what is this book about?” Filatov told what he considers the main thing in his work

“I wanted to share with readers myself. These people who passed along. I touched them and through their stories and destinies I tried to give a little understanding of what happens to the person who serves. Not only serves, but also ready to give his life by fulfilling order.

According to the author, he did not want to reveal the plans of special operations and lead a dry narrative. The main thing is people.

“I didn’t have a task to tell how the Beslanov school was released there. I wanted emotions. This is a book about people, that’s why it is called “People.” Very often they write about heroes in this topic. But I can not do that. Here is my friend Sasha, is he a hero? He is an ordinary person. Now you are reading books, watching movies and you know what will be at the end. And I want to say – I do not believe.

I just wanted to convey the moments through the eyes of the participants. I wanted to show special forces with a human face. These are people with their problems with sores. When people leave the service, you were a hero and here: you have a TV and, sorry, a bottle of vodka. This problem rests not on money, but on our souls. To understand what this book is about, you need to read it. Let everyone read a book in 20 years and understand that it is completely different.

On the cover of the book the words of Yakubovich from the very hymn are written as an epigraph:

When trouble doesn’t help

And death is already calling in their ranks

Then ask God for help,

So that the group “Alpha” has covered you from harm!

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