Why can’t Russia stop the coronavirus epidemic?

In the regions, they again started talking about tightening quarantine measures aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19, and strengthening vaccination. Corporations present “microwaves” for coronavirus, and people already prefer not to believe anyone.

All attempts by doctors and scientists to cope with the coronavirus pandemic so far end in failure. Every day in Russia, a record number of people infected and died are registered.

Olga Chernyavskaya, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases with Epidemiology and Tropical Medicine, Volgograd State Medical University, believes that predicting the further development of the situation is a thankless task. But, most likely, it will not be easier in the near future.

– The coronavirus has changed our lives, and we must admit that. There are several models for the further development of the situation. I would like to believe that after the population is massively vaccinated, the number of cases of the disease will be reduced to a minimum and there will be only seasonal fluctuations, as in the case of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections, – says Olga Chernyavskaya. – Maybe there will be peaks, or maybe the situation with the coronavirus will become sluggish. But this is possible if it is possible to create a collective immunity to this infection. If our population as a whole acquires it, then the incidence will be at a sporadic level. If it is not possible to achieve this with the help of vaccination (for example, due to vaccine dissidence), then it will remain to wait until the majority of the population is ill.

According to the scientist, the further development of the pandemic does not even depend on people, but on the behavior of the virus that affects people.

“In fact, it all depends on whether the virus will continue to change and how it will do it,” the epidemiologist admits. – If it acquires new properties, we will study them. Coronaviruses have existed before, they accounted for a significant share in our usual seasonal increases in ARVI. But they did not cause such dire consequences. It’s a different virus now. Although it is called a coronavirus, in its behavior it is already a completely different pathogen. The virus is changing, its properties are changing, its effect on our body is changing … What will happen to us if it starts cooperating with other viral infections, forming new strains, I do not even undertake to predict. This can be unpredictable. But we all want to believe in the most favorable option – rebirth into something like seasonal flu.

Doctor – expert in laboratory diagnostics Alexander Soloviev also agrees with the epidemiologist. In his opinion, those who have contracted coronavirus now have become much more infectious than last year.

– The incubation period has been reduced to 4.5–5 days, with very high viral concentrations achieved in infected individuals in the upper respiratory tract. The concentrations have become many times higher than they were last year, – noted Alexander Soloviev. – Because of this, firstly, people have become more infectious than a year ago, they can now infect more people around them. Secondly, the infectious dose has increased many times, people become infected more easily. And thirdly, in the body of infected people, a high viral load leads to a rapid clinical aggravation, which often occurs within a few days after the onset of symptoms.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Laboratory of Functional Genomics at the Moscow Medical Genetic Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and professor at the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University in the United States, Ancha Baranova sees a number of reasons for the sharp increase in the incidence of COVID-19.

“If we talk about Russia, the level of vaccination is still insufficient here,” the scientist believes. – Plus, this autumn, people are changing their behavior. They spend more time indoors: children go to school, people return from vacations to work. Just one month is enough for two or three consecutive infections to occur. Simply put, we ourselves are to blame for what is happening now. Yes, now drugs are only being developed to treat COVID-19 in the early stages, but they will not appear in circulation very soon. In the meantime, we treat the disease even when it manifests itself in all its “glory”.

It is clear that we cannot keep people in quarantine forever. But, at least in Europe, people who have been ill are released to work after the first negative test for coronavirus, not allowing them to really recover. But this is not at all an indicator that a person has been cured forever and has ceased to be infectious, has ceased to excrete a virus. Remember, the Chinese did three tests and wrote out only after three consecutive negative ones?

In search of salvation from the coronavirus, completely different, sometimes completely exotic recipes are offered. For example, the destruction of a virus using ultra-high frequency radiation. For example, the Tor apparatus presented on October 4 in Alushta at the Microelectronics-2021 forum.

The device issues a “wave antidote” for electromagnetic suppression of the virus. Simply put, it stalls and stops multiplying. At the same time, according to colleagues, a year ago “Thor” was sold as an ordinary air disinfectant.

However, scientists treat this method of combating coronavirus with a fair amount of skepticism.

“If I understood correctly, then, by and large, this device irradiates the virus with microwave waves,” reflects Sergey Bezborodov, candidate of technical sciences, head of the department of biotechnical systems and technologies at Volgograd State Medical University. – In this way, the virus can be killed, there are no questions. But how will these same waves affect human health? It’s like opening the microwave and turning it on. But for some reason it does not turn on open. It’s the same here. But fortunately, we now have a three-stage system for obtaining registration certificates and attestation of devices. Any unit that wants to obtain the status of a medical device must pass three stages of verification – these are electrical tests, these are toxicological tests and clinical tests on living people. If he goes through all this and it is proved that he is safe for others, then why not? Such studies are really being carried out, and this can be real. But this, again, is a double-edged sword. Today, the most effective form of countering coronavirus is vaccination and compliance with safety measures.

However, feeling on themselves a variety of prohibitive and restrictive measures that the authorities in the regions are taking, people are already beginning to treat them with a fair amount of doubt and skepticism. Briefly and figuratively, how Russia is fighting the coronavirus, was formulated by political scientist Vadim Shumilin.


– It is easy to understand that almost all the measures taken by the operational headquarters to combat the coronavirus are not aimed at preventing the spread of infection, but at encouraging the people (aka the population) to vaccinate, but without a complete apocalypse, Vadim Shumilin reflects. – Hence, questions like “Why can’t the unvaccinated go to the museum, but can go to the bus?” or “Why is there still a beater in the apartments?” Especially snide common people ask questions on the Internet: “What will the headquarters do when one hundred percent are vaccinated?” Answer: then the headquarters will resort to the last, most powerful means of fighting covid – the return of gloves.

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