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Moroccan national team left Voronezh. The players went to St. Petersburg for his first match in the 2018 world Cup.

Today, June 13, the Moroccan national team flew from Voronezh to Saint Petersburg in their first match in the 2018 world Cup. Information about this appeared on the official website of the Voronezh airport.

15 June in the Northern capital, the team will meet with the national team of Iran.

Recall that arrived in the capital of Chernozem Moroccan athletes on Sunday, June 10. From the first day here they started training, and this morning held an open training session, I was able to visit a few of hundreds of fans.

Leo does not exclude his resignation from the post of coach of the national team of Germany

The coach of the German national football team Joachim löw took responsibility for keeping the team in the playoffs of the world Cup. He left open the question of his resignation.The head coach of the German national team on football Joachim Loew (Joachim Löw) has left open the question about his future after the German team for the first time in their history have not reached the knockout stage of the world Championships. “I have to take responsibility for it,” said Leo Wednesday, June 27, at a press conference after the match with South Korea, which the Germans lost with the score 0:2.

On the question of considering the possibility of resignation, the lion replied that talking about it even earlier: “We need a couple hours to clearly imagine. I have a very deep disappointment. I couldn’t imagine that we lose to South Korea.”

“The whole German football, we lost everything. Not only one game, but a lot of what we have achieved in recent years” – admitted the coach of the German national team.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the German football Association (DFB), in particular its President Reinhard quiet and scenic sur (Reinhard Grindel) and the Manager of Germany Oliver Birhoff (Oliver Bierhoff) do not intend to refuse the services of Joachim Loew. Contract 58-year-old coach with the DFB was extended ahead of schedule before the world Cup in Russia up to 2022 world Cup be held in Qatar.

The Cup world Cup was won by the French team

She won in the finals against the team Croatia with the score 4:2.

In Russia, ended the world championship on football. In the final of the championship on Sunday,July 15, played the national teams of Croatia and France. Match in a bitter struggle was won by the team of Franchise 4:2. At Luzhniki stadium in Moscow hosted the closing ceremony of the championship.

The world Cup was held between 14 June and 15 July in Russia. He brought fans from all over the world a lot of positive emotions. Bright and unexpected championship games happy millions of people. A big surprise for fans was that the usual trade leaders early, dropped out of the race for the Cup. So the winner of the previous world Cup in Germany even failed to qualify from the group. Left early championship teams Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.

All surprised the Russian team, which for the first time in 30 years has come from his own group, but also defeated the Spanish team in the 1/8. Very little is not enough good luck to our players to get into the semi-finals. The team was beaten in equal fight for the Croatian national team, losing 4:3 on penalties. By most accounts, it was a very dignified defeat. So the Russians for the first time in 10 years there is a command “for which no shame.”

World Cup football: who earns how much?

The 21st world Cup FIFA kicks off in Moscow on Thursday. World Cup most lucrative and expensive football event, because those who pay for the tournament, not necessarily those who get profit from it, says CNBC.


The international football Federation (FIFA) every four years, and receives billions of dollars in revenue from the world Cup, while countries that attended the tournament, spending for it $10 billion or more.

FIFA announced that the prize pool for the teams participating in the world Cup 2018 will be $400 million includes payments of $8 million for teams that emerged from group to $38 million for the winner.

Banks, such as UBS and Goldman Sachs, have launched algorithms to predict a winner, and bets on Germany and the second in Brazil.

Host country world Championships automatically qualifies for the final part, but it pays for this status a great price.

In fact, FIFA requires that applications to host the world Cup included large-scale tax benefits for the Association. FIFA Germany offered tax benefits of $272 million when it hosted the world Cup 2006 South Africa and Brazil provided benefits of the Association in 2010 and 2014 respectively.

Brazil spent about $15 billion on stadiums and transport, among other infrastructure for the world Cup 2014 is the Most expensive stadium, “mane Garrincha”, at a cost of $550 million and only served a few events within a few months after the tournament.

As reported “Vesti.Economy,” the CEO of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” Alexei Sorokin said in an interview with RIA “Novosti” that direct the organization of world Cup 2018 cost nearly $500 million.

“The budget of the training infrastructure of the world championship is completely open figure: RUB 678 billion Is the total costs, including Federal, regional, and extra-budgetary sources”, – said Sorokin.

The government has estimated the total effect of the world Cup for the GDP of Russia in 2013-2018 in 867 billion rubles, equivalent to about 1% of annual GDP.

The world Cup is a “major infrastructure project”, he “already gave a significant effect for socio-economic development,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, who served as Deputy Prime Minister. “We are already seeing a plus in our economic growth,” he said.

But really profitable the world Cup is for FIFA. The Association received an income of $4.8 billion from the world Cup 2014 for a profit of $2.6 billion in Revenues from broadcast of matches exceeded $2.43 billion Sponsorship and ticket sales brought in $1.6 billion and $527 million respectively.

FIFA expects to earn $6.1 billion on the 2018 world Cup in Russia – $1.3 billion more than in the previous championship in Brazil. It is expected that the tournament will see 3.2 billion people and the income from broadcasts of matches will increase to $3 billion.

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