Was second at the national Championships in gliding

To fly for the air flows faster opponents through the air route with this challenge trying to handle gliders on the airfield “Usman-Sharski” in the Lipetsk region. There the fourth time passed the championship of Russia in gliding. Among the participants were and Voronezh.

On the last day of the championship glider pilots have to go 300 miles in five points. This must be done as quickly as possible:

– The active zone is shaded – zapretki, inactive – signed. Questions on the homework?

It is important not just to follow a route, but to do it correctly. The rules in the sport of gliding will be typed on the whole Talmud. And their violation is punishable by penalty points. For the rough and all you can obtain a disqualification of the day.

– In this case a gross violation is the violation of the airspace. We, unfortunately, are limited in the airspace of the flight where you fly the other departments, but in this case the military. And if during the championship we all agree, if there are violations, it is the most severe violation – said the chief referee of the Championship Tamara Sviridov.

A total of 18 participants from 8 regions. Age and gender here are of secondary importance, much more important – intelligence. Sometimes gliding sport even called air chess. Every action need to think a few steps ahead. Mr rudowski, one of the leaders of the championship, claims to see the invisible man is still possible.

– You can fly, as they say, on the ground, that is, black boxes are very well warmed up, next to ponds cold. And here in this place, certainly is the trigger the descent of a stream from this place. And that’s basically the probability of more than on some uniform field, uniform color. And if you’re flying, you can stick in some stream, – the athlete told Mr radowski.

Another important sign of a powerful air flow – Cumulus clouds. At the beginning of the last day of the championship they are not. The start was delayed for an hour. During this time, all the gliders using the aircraft lift to a height of 600 metres. All participants and start flying:

– Attention! Moscow time is 12 hours and 48 minutes. Start open. Start open.

Professional athletes will spend in the sky from 2 to 5 hours. While upstairs there is a battle for the title of Champion of the country, is preparing to fly a new generation of glider pilots. Catherine Anor today the first solo flight. But first two flights with the coach and, of course, the last instructions:

– Don’t complicate your life by the fourth turn back again to normal height – 150, when a very great height you will have the nose into the ground. And without me you will fly, one in the back is to stretch you, to make you nose into the ground sent.

Catherine is just 17 years old. Recognized, a couple of months ago did not know what a hang glider. But volunteer work at the Grand Prix gliding in may could not remain indifferent to the sky. Two months of preparation and the first flight.

In the beginning three seconds it was scary. And then after takeoff, tow, I felt a kind of freedom, peace, understand it can handle and the fear was gone, – said the participant of competitions Ekaterina Anor.

This year Voronezh team lost the palm to the glider pilots from Moscow and took second place. But at the end of the individual competition, two athletes still part of the team that will represent the country in international competitions.

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