Basketball 22.04.2018

Basketball: BC “Novosibirsk” was defeated in the semifinals of the super League

The first game in the semi-final was a failure, but the city’s residents still have a chance to take revenge

Первая игра в полуфинале обернулась провалом, но у новосибирцев ещё есть шанс взять реванш

Today, April 21, BC “Novosibirsk” and BK “Samara” began the semifinal series of the playoffs. In the first semifinal match of the Superleague-1 Novosibirsk lost to rivals. The game was held in Samara.

The meeting ended with the score 81:73 (22:20, 28:13, 16:21, 15:19) in favor of the owners of the site. The best for the game in the Novosibirsk team was point guard Sergei Tokarev – he earned 18 points.

“Now the city’s residents will battle for a place in the final in this series, the decisive argument will be not so much a skill and a class of commands, as character and personal courage of the players, which, as shown by the last game our team not to take,” reads the official website of BC “Novosibirsk”.

The next game between the teams April 23, second 26 and April 28 may 1 may – the fifth decisive game. So Novosibirsk has all the chances to win and reach the final.

A week ago, the basketball players of BC “Novosibirsk” became leaders in the game with the Surgut team “University-Ugra” in the match and advanced to the semifinals of the Superleague.

Basketball: BC “Novosibirsk” lost BC “Samara”

Following the meeting with BK “Samara” will take place on 26 April in Novosibirsk

Следующая встреча с БК «Самара» пройдет 26 апреля в Новосибирске 

In the second match of the semifinal series of the playoffs super League-1 BK Novosibirsk on the road lost BK “Samara”.

The match ended with the score 72:67 (18:24, 19:13, 16:16, 19:14) in favor of the owners of the site.

“The series score 2-0 in favor of the “Samara””, – informs the official website of BC “Novosibirsk”.

Following a meeting with BK Samara Novosibirsk will hold home court on April 26.

We will remind, the first match of the semifinal series ended in the defeat of the BC “Novosibirsk”. Summary of the match – 81:73 in favour of the Samara basketball players.

“Crystal” invites fans of the basketball club “Avtodor” will play in the playoffs TH

The Junior national team of Russia on basketball with three forwards “Avtodor” in the lineup left in the playoffs of the European championship in Latvia.

The Russians won their group in second place, behind Germany, which they lost 72:75 (“avtodorovtsy” Nikita Mikhailovsky, Anton Cvetkovski, Alexander Batenev scored respectively 14, 7, 2 points). Were defeated France – 82:80 (Michael – 8, Petenev – 6, Kvitkovsky – 4) and Turkey- 65:56 (10, 4, 6).
In the 1/8 th Russians today Italy will play.

Hockey players Saratov “the Crystal” after almost two weeks of training in FOK “Factory” came out on the ice of Palace of sports. Today at 18 hours. will start their first meeting with the fans. After her open training.

Hundreds of fans came to play symobol and basketball with hockey players “Siberia”

The holiday program will end at 17:30

Программа праздника завершится в 17:30

Hundreds of Novosibirsk gathered in LDS “Siberia” to communicate with their favorite players, play with them symobol and to take autographs.

Today, August 19, in LDS “Siberia” is the Day fan. Entertainment program with participation of players of hockey club “Siberia” began in the first hour of the day. For example, who came from Novosibirsk were able to buy the athletes fast food, to play with them in air hockey, basketball and even symobol: is dressed in bulky costumes resembling the suits of the sumo, and tried to get the ball into the goal. In addition, players signed autographs.

“For fans, the most interesting communication with the players,” he said to the correspondent of the NGS, one of the participants of the event – fan Dmitry Kazantsev.

He said that now the Palace of the sport is the final of a talent show: 6 fans got to show their creative performances. The winner will receive a prize – two season tickets to the games of hockey club “Siberia”.

Assessment Dmitry Kazantsev, now in LDS “Siberia” were about 3000 fans and, most likely, they may be even more, because soon the ice should begin master-show HC “Siberia”.

To play in “Siberia” in the upcoming season will be as beloved by the fans and new players. Recently hockey club got another newbie: in “Siberia” has passed 24-year-old CSKA Moscow striker Vladimir Peshekhonov.

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