Dozens of Novosibirsk ran a race through the may snow

May 19, more than 70 of the city’s residents took part in a charity race Koltsovo Trail, which was held in the “Park Koltsovo”.

Покататься на горнолыжке уже нельзя, зато бегать можно всегда Ride chornoliske anymore, but you can run always

Runners overcame the distance eight kilometers long. On the eve of the race, the snow fell to a depth of 10 centimeters, but the participants just glad this weather.

“The weather was great – and what should be on the trail to feel. But it was gently run through the snow. We weren’t surprised by anything, but the competition is not accepted to cancel. The track was interesting because she had to climb the ski slope. Well, a beautiful Park, the “Path of health””, – told the correspondent of NGS, the Director of the charity Fund “Sport venue” Vladislav Ivanov.

The race was attended by more than 70 runners

Ivanov noted that the proceeds from entry fees of the participants will be directed to the charity Fund “Sport seat” in classes with children with disabilities.

Overnight “Park Koltsovo” has turned into a winter forest

Among women in their age categories won Trishkin Anastasia, Elena Rahlaga, Marina Ivanova and Galina Denisova.

Best among men are Yury Limansky, Ruslan Ashuraliev, Dmitry Sidko, Evgeny Lapin and Anatoly Bulychov.

In addition to the adults in the race was also attended by the children – they ran 1.1 kilometers. The youngest player to Svetoslav Fokine three years. With five-year old brother Ivan, they fled, accompanied by mom-athlete Yelena Ruhsdi. They won the family competition.

At the time, as some of the city’s residents participated in track events, others made snowmen out of freshly fallen snow in may.

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