Weekly international race

Voronezh citizens are invited to join weekly races in the international project Parkun. On the start of the campaign, which is already taking place in 22 countries, announced in Central Park.

How to tell the organizers, Parkun is a 5-kilometer races that are held every Saturday. To date, the campaign involved about 200 thousand participants from around the world and about 18 thousand volunteers.

The first race of the project was held in Voronezh on Saturday, 30 June. It was attended by 57 people. At the opening came even fans of an active lifestyle from Rostov-on-don, Tambov, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

– And Parkrun is a friendly and positive atmosphere, fellowship, meet new people and the tea party after the finish! It is a holiday that is arranged by runners and volunteers – said the organizers.

Three thousand of Novosibirsk staged a race on dirt and dust

June 23 on the ground in Koltsovo in Novosibirsk has passed the stage of military-sports game “Race of heroes” – it was attended by over three thousand residents.

Три тысячи новосибирцев устроили забег по грязи и пыли

Every year “Race of heroes” is throwing Novosibirsk great race with obstacles, including mud and dust. This time, participants had a 9-kilometer route with 40 tests, told the PR Department of the team of organizers of the “League of Heroes”.

Novosibirsk was crawling through the mud, crossed the pond on one hand, rose to the wall on the ropes, and passed other tests. On each trial there were instructors who helped the participants to avoid personal injury when performing tasks.

In this case, the race was held during a heat wave – the temperature today during the day remained at the level of +25…+26 degrees.

– “Race of heroes” – Federal project, which is officially supported by the Ministry of defense. On the ground before the game is several models of armored personnel carriers, missile complexes “Wasp”, the system of volley fire “Grad”, as cadets, scouts Novosibirsk military school showed the guests the skills of hand-to-hand fight with the weapon, – have told in a press-service of the CVO.

The number of participants and spectators of the “Race of Heroes” in recent years, approximately 200 thousand people – it satisfied from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Last year, the “Race of heroes” took place in Novosibirsk in record-breaking heat in 35 degrees.

After the race shower in the woods: hundreds of Novosibirsk in shorts ran through the campus

About two hundred of the city’s residents took part in the race

Около двух сотен новосибирцев приняли участие в забеге

In Novosibirsk Akademgorodok hosted the 43rd track and field athletics run of memory of V. rytsareva, which was attended by 322 runners. The competition was held at a Ski Lodge named after A. Tula.

The organizer of the run of Boris Melamed has explained to the correspondent NGS that the mileage involved both Amateurs and masters of sports.

After the race, guests could take a shower right on the spot – standing under the jets of water to the watering machine. The service on track events are rare.

“We’ve developed such a douche to people. Those who are committed and want to take a shower, please. Even helped the guys from “Sport in Place” – they suggested and installed the finish arch, a banner for the awards column, which can be removed,” – said Boris Melamed.

This day promised rain, but during the race the weather was good

At the distance of 7.5 km was won by Nikita Kretov and Anastasia Ukolov, the first ran 15 kilometers Anton Azarov and Xenia Calcea.

The winners of the most difficult of the race with a length of 22.5 kilometers became Nikolay Grigorov and Marina Abildayeva.

Earlier Novosibirsk runners took part in the second all-Russian festival “Race”.

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