Kitten with ball and football fans

The graffiti festival took place today, July 28, on the street Bolshevik

Фестиваль граффити проходил сегодня, 28 июля, на улице Большевистской

On the walls of No. 125 on the street Bolshevik in the October district of Novosibirsk there was the graffiti on the theme of football.

These drawings were created by the participants of the festival held today graffiti. The event was organized by working in the building BBC football center with the participation of the community “Graffiti Union” social network “Vkontakte”.

“There were about 10 participants – from <…> of Barnaul, Kemerovo, and the bulk of the graffiti was from Novosibirsk”, – told the correspondent NGS Manager football center Nicholas Talalay.

According to him, in front of the graffiti task was to decorate the walls with drawings on sports, mainly football. As a result, for a few hours of work on the building appeared 9 new graffiti, including a picture of the Cup, the main trophy of the world Cup.

Nicholas Talalay said that the graffiti festival organizers combined with football feast. While the artists painted the building outside, the inside was a sporting event: open classes and children’s football schools, based on the site Sportbox, blitz-tournament on mini-football among Amateur teams and competitions on the football theme for the guests and participants of the tournament.

The festival not only Novosibirsk graffiti, but artists from Kemerovo and Barnaul

On the decoration of the walls, the graffiti worked a few hours

During this time they managed to inflict on the building 9 graffiti

Among other figures in the building there was a football world Cup

Previously, the company 2GIS inflicted on a map of the beautiful and unusual graffiti Novosibirsk. Now on request “street art” on the site 2gis.ru you can see pictures of several dozen Novosibirsk graffiti. Each work is accompanied by a brief description.

Sports weekend: swim across the Volga, Speedway, football

On August 11, Volzhskiy planned Third marathon of “River health”.
Swim across the Volga, is scheduled for July 21, was postponed because of bad weather. Now it starts at 16.30, in Engels, near the bridge construction, finish and rewarding – in Saratov at the Rotunda in 19 hours.

11 and 12 November in hvalynsk will meet the coaches on mini-football. The participants of the seminar conducted by the Department of professional indoor soccer and training Association mini-football of Russia, will award a coaching license category “C”.
On Sunday there will also be a children’s tournament for teams of the Saratov region made up of mini-soccer 6-7 and 8-9 years.

On Saturday in Polish Gorzow will host the “Grand Prix of Poland” included in the personal world championship Speedway (World Grand Prix).
One of the favorites is the representative of the Balakovo “Turbine” Emil Sayfutdinov. Beginning at 21 hours. (stream – on the specialized Internet-resources).

And today the players of “Hawk” play in Ramensky with “Saturn”. Start at 20 an hour. (the website PFL).

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