The Russian team won

The Russian team won the international volleyball tournament

In the final there were teams from Russia and Japan

В финале встретились команды из России и Японии

Yesterday in Novosibirsk has completed the international volleyball tournament of the Cup of Nations, held in the format of the MIXED 4+2.

In the final there were teams from Russia and Japan. The Russians won with a score of 3:1 (25:18, 19:25, 25:20, 25:19). In the match for 3rd place fought teams of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The national team of Kazakhstan won the bronze medals of the championship.

This year in the competition took part 8 teams from Russia, Poland, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Australia, Japan and Novosibirsk region. Next year the organizers plan to invite 16 teams.

Putin: world Cup breaks stereotypes about Russia

Mr Infantino! Dear friends!

Let me welcome you all to the Moscow Kremlin.

First of all, I want to Express my gratitude to the FIFA President that he invited you to Russia for the FIFA world Cup in football. I think that is a very good tradition can be laid for the future, because you, as people who are known not only in the world of football, but all sports enthusiasts in their countries and the world in General, – you pretty much personify this wonderful sport, football. This is the first.

Second: when people see you in the stands, people see how you communicate with your teams, with fans from their countries and from other countries is, of course, not only inspiring to yourself to engage in physical culture and sports, but also creates a special atmosphere of celebration and confidence.

In this regard, I would like to note that fans from many countries of the world – we, of course, and try, but the fans from many countries, and the Russian fans, first and foremost, is the people who create this atmosphere of trust and celebration.

Many of them, as you know, moved around the country quite actively. Tens of thousands of people came to Russia from different parts of the world, it is tens of thousands. They create this wonderful festive atmosphere in Russia.

Of course, they see with their own eyes how welcome they received here, how happy the citizens of our country, sports fans and just people, even far from football – we are glad that so many people came to Russia with such good intentions.

In this regard, I would like to point out that the so-called national journalists, those people who work from themselves, in their personal capacity on social networks just contributed to the fact that many stereotypes about Russia just collapsed. The people see that Russia is a hospitable country, friendly-minded to those who come to us. Of course, this is largely created by the efforts of our football fans.

Okay, we all know that fans in many countries behave differently, I am not going to comment on anything. But our football fans perceive those who came to cheer on their team, as friends, as people from the General, extended football family. So I try to do everything to make our guests feel, as we have repeatedly said, at home in Russia, got acquainted with our culture, traditions, and traditions of different peoples of Russia, since the matches of the football championship are held in different cities and in different regions of the Russian Federation. I am sure that the vast majority of those who came to see us, take the good feelings and memories about our country and again come back here.

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