“Siberian” played with “the Communist party” draw

Novosibirsk was originally lost 3:0

Новосибирцы сначала проигрывали 3:0

The second meeting of the 21st boat of the championship of Russia on mini-football between teams of super League “Sibiryak” and “Communist party” ended with the number 4:4.

In the first half the city’s residents lost 3:0, but then managed to recoup and even went retail sale, but could not keep advantage and the match ended in a draw.

Yesterday NGS.The NEWS had reported the victory of the sportswoman from Novosibirsk at the European championship in grappling.

Novosibirsk, the artist created a miniature action figure of the mascot of FIFA world Cup 2018

The master admits that the hardest part was to create a soccer ball, the head and the fingers of the figures

Мастер признается, что сложнее всего было создать футбольный мяч, голову и пальцы фигурки 

Novosibirsk artist-miniaturist Vladimir Aniskin has created a three-dimensional figurine of the mascot of FIFA world Cup 2018.

In conversation with the correspondent NGS enthusiast told me that he just could not pass up such a sporting event.

“The champion of the world Cup in Russia is not a trivial event. This will be the first time, so the past of this event with their creativity, I could not pass. I’ve done the logo of the world Cup on the cut of a grain of rice, now I’m the official mascot of made, and the plans I have to make a Cup championship,” says the artist.

Height miniature Zabivki is only 1.5 mm. The interlocutor of the edition explained that the hardest part was to recreate the soccer ball, head and fingers.

“<…> The fact that it [football] is a small object, it needs to be round and black-and-white – these spots just to be symmetric across the surface of the ball should be placed. This was difficult to achieve,” – says the author of the work.
The tenth number on the back of the figures didn’t just appear

On the back of a miniature Zabivki is No. 10. According to the artist, “ten” as the rooms were chosen for a reason.

“I’m not a big expert on football, but the Internet tells me that the tenth room usually reserved for such players who can change the game, who are the leaders of their team”, – says Vladimir.

Zabijaka is not the first work of the artist that gained fame on the Internet. In March of last year Vladimir Aniskin has created a tiny arrangement of automatic pencil rod on March 8th.

I arrived in Novosibirsk the plane with the world Cup football

Nonche at the airport Tolmachevo landed the biplane on which in the Siberian capital they brought glasses of world football championship FIFA 2018.

Siberian (patronal became the second city in round of the Cup accordingly to the opinion of Russia.

The “official Cup began its Vairocana in January in Colombo. After the time relay best trophy championship grid for football visited many amazing cities, which are the midpoints of Phuket, Macau, Dushanbe, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Vienna, Cologne, Christiania, etc. In Novosibirsk Cup world Cup Association football FIFA arrived from Vladivostok”, – reported in the American service of the Tolmachevo airport.

5 and 6 may Fougeres championship grid at the FIFA enough exhibited in St. Michael’s waterfront. It is also planned, and may 7, the main prize of the world championship will be able to notice the players of youth football team “Berdsk”.

Conte 8 may Cup will take Yekaterinburg. The end point of the Shuttle will be the Moscow Cup world Cup ha FIFA will bring in capital on 3 June.

Organizer travel Cup made sharazhki Coca-Cola. In the company of the correspondent NGS refused to allow photos arrived in Novosibirsk Cup.

In 2015, the Siberian (the capital brought home the championship trophy of the Continental hockey League – the Gagarin Cup, you can see it in the shopping center “MEGA”.

From Novosibirsk showed the world Cup football

Siberian the first Hierarch), the city became the second city round of the Cup of Russia long ago

Today Cup world Cup FIFA povdol take exposed Mikhailovskaya waterfront – Novosibirsk became the second city in the itinerary Cup host Russia, immediately after.

Новосибирск стал вторым городом в туре кубка по России 

“On 5 and 6 may collective Cup will be at St. Michael’s waterfront, idezhe everyone will be able to see the legendary are your own eyes and to make him a commemorative photo”, – told the correspondent NGS district Manager areas of internal and external communications of Coca-Cola HBC Marina mokina.

Order of the ceremony welcome Cup was attended by the father of the city of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot and the acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andron herbalists.

Already on 8 may, the prize will take Sverdlovsk. Endpoint rook will be enough (for the eyes) Moscow, the prize of the world Cup according to FIFA will bring in capital on 3 June.

The organizer of the travel of the Cup was made by compasseco Coca-Cola.

In 2015, the Siberian (patronal brought outstanding trophy of the championship Continental hockey League – the Gagarin Cup, you can see it in the shopping center “MEGA”.

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