A strong football League is no guarantee of success

Judging by the representation and results for the 2018 world Cup, the strongest national football leagues are English Premier League, German Bundesliga and Spanish Primera.If the results of the world Championships depended only on the level of the national Championships of different countries, major football tournaments the last couple of decades would invariably win the England team. The highest level of the Premier League, in which the dream act young talents from all over the world, are well known. One of its terms – the intense competition and unpredictability of the outcome of the fight for the medals.

In contrast, for example, from Bundesliga, Italian Serie A or French League 1, where many years of dominance of one club, respectively, Bayern, Juventus and PSG kills suspense and reduces the interest of fans in England for the championship, as a rule, ready to fight the “big five” (“Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester city, “Manchester United” and “Chelsea”), and regular surprises are presented with a strong middle peasants “type Tottenham and dark horses like “Lester”.

A rating of DW: the English Premier League has a strong lead

What English Premier League is the strongest at the moment in the football world, confirmed by the results of a study conducted by DW. Its objective was to see how well a particular national championship presented on the last two world Championships in football. And tallied with analysis of players from a League to which extent the presented and involved in their national teams at the world Cup in Brazil and Russia (read more about methodology here).

As can be seen from the graph on the 2018 world Cup, the Premier League looks brilliant. Followed her at a respectful distance located the Spanish League, rounded out the top three of German Bundesliga.

In this case, if the British maintained their strong lead, the football leagues of Spain and Germany improved their performance at the expense of the Italian Serie A, which fell from second place in 2014, the fourth in 2018.

The face of crisis in Italian football has not only lazy – the national team didn’t even make the final of the current world Cup and Serie a – had long been the most cherished goal for those who want to win the European club trophies and get record contracts.

The success of the team is a science

And now back to where we started: how associated successful or unsuccessful performance of a national team at the world Cup world Cup with the strength or weakness of the local League? But first it is worth to mention that not all national teams are playing in their home leagues. So, Germany and Spain – the champion and the silver medal in the Brazilian world Cup – has already stopped the performance in Russia.

How far will the British, is anyone’s guess, their last success – the semi-finals – dates back to 1990. France – Ligue 1 whose second world championship top five – it looks at the moment, one of the favorites of the tournament. And Russia, its Prime Minister-League remained in sixth place, while created the biggest sensation of the 2018 world Cup, sending home much above quoted the Spaniards.

The conclusion is obvious: a strong football League is always great for the players, development of football management in the country, millions of fans and business. But at the world Championships you don’t win the national championship, and teams made up of players who can play in any country. How to build a team champion of the world is already a separate science.

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