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Proposed to establish Day of Russian football

“United Russia” in the Duma introduced a proposal to make October 22, the Day of Russian football.

The initiators believe that the birthday of Lev Yashin, the legend of Soviet and world football, the man who was the only national goalkeeping was awarded the “Golden ball”, which is the first in the Soviet Union has defended more than 100 matches to zero.

In the explanatory note to the draft States that, “paying tribute, gratitude and great respect to the past, the proposed bill would give present and future generations of players and fans a new impulse to development of domestic sports, makes you believe that Russia has not only good players, which are not inferior to the best players in Europe, but decent trainers.”

How much is a ticket: FC Sibir started the season tickets the ticketing programme for the new season

Абонементы и билеты будут продаваться только на Западную трибуну стадиона «Спартак»

Passes and tickets will be sold only on the Western tribune of stadium “Spartak”

Football club “Siberia” has introduced a subscription and ticket program for the season 2018/2019. However, in connection with the repair of seats, passes and tickets will be sold only on the Western tribune of stadium “Spartak”. This was reported on the official website of the club.

The cost of the season tickets starts from 2700 roubles: for this money you can buy seats in the four sectors – 1-m,2-m, 5-m and 6-m is Even cheaper in these sectors for 1350 rubles will be able to purchase seats that season ticket holders “Preferential” pensioners, the disabled, students and pupils older than 14 years.

Prices for tickets for individual matches start from 50 rubles – is how much is child ticket with the place in the 1st or 6th sector of the stadium “Spartak”. A regular ticket to the ordinary fan will cost 200 rubles, and grace fans will cost twice cheaper.

Help St. Petersburg physicians, took more than 800 fans and athletes of the world Cup

In St. Petersburg for a month and a half for medical assistance to 819 fans, athletes and organizers of the world Cup. This was told in the health Committee.

We will remind, in Petersburg have passed 7 out of the 64 matches of the world Cup, which ended July 15. According to the Committee on public health, from June 1 to July 15 through St. Petersburg physicians took 819 participants, fans, athletes, technical staff, organizers and volunteers.

Petersburg was the only one of host cities where the medical support of the competition were involved, the paramedics and doctors a single organization, the City ambulance station. Just match days, each of which was visited by over 60 thousand spectators, were involved in more than 250 employees GSSMP. At the stadium, there were 20 clinics, 22 mobile medical teams, 15 teams of emergency medical care.

12 brigades “fast” were on duty in the area adjacent to the stadium site, the so-called “last mile”, and in the Primorsky Victory Park and near the pedestrian bridge Yacht cruised medical patrols – 9 7 Hiking and Segway. When the matches at the stadium was not on duty also did not stop – the clock in the sports arena, worked the clinic and on duty brigade “Fast”.

In addition, the doctors provided medical care in the six training sites, bases and teams at the hotels where the athletes lived. Also at the stables area in the fan zone for the entire month, lasted until the world Cup, struggling medical clinic, mobile medical teams and ambulance crews.

Polzarplaty for hockey: LDS “Siberia” has opened the sale of season tickets for the new season

Хоккеисты «Сибири» сыграют в новом сезоне 62 матча

Hockey players “Siberia” will play in the new season of match 62

LDS “Siberia” has opened the sale of season tickets 2018/2019, according to the website of HC “Siberia”.

The cost of the season tickets starts from 10 850 roubles – for this money you can buy seats in the three sectors. For ten sectors, the ticket price is 12 400 roubles.

For more advantageous locations will have to pay twice the price of season tickets in eight sectors, starting with 21 700 rubles. The most expensive tickets cost 26 350 – at that price sell seats in four boxes.

NGS has prepared a calendar for the season 2018/2019 for the fans of the hockey club “Siberia” – Novosibirsk team will hold 62 of the match in September and February.

Drove across the Golden ring: Sannikov signed the contract with Yaroslavl “Locomotive”

Форвард Степан Санников играл за новосибирский клуб 10 лет

Shuffled Stipuha Sannikov played (mushrooms) Novosibirsk mass 10 flight

Former Serdica HC “Sibir” Stepan Sannikov signed data with Yaroslavl “Locomotive”.

Press release about this appeared on the official website of the KHL the evening of 3 may.

“Striker Stepura Sannikov (1990) has signed a contract with “the Locomotive” for a period of three years. 27-cold Russian pervinca in the KHL-like career changes the team of the season 2008/09 the love advocated Siberia”, – reported on the website of the Continental hockey League.

27 under the forward Stepan Sannikov played for HC Sibir from 2008. Smoothly according to KHL, the team spent one 486 matches, scored 152 points: scored 59 goals and (after)to gnaw 93 assists. Care Sannikov with “Siberia” from this it is clear you know at the end of March.

On the days so you know that the mob Novosibirsk hockey “Siberia” has signed a two-year contract with 31-year-old defender Alexander Loginov, after the beginning of the athlete was a player and captain of the Ufa “Salavat Yulaev”.

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