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Canoeist was fourth in the Czech Republic, Sokol announced ticket prices

Season ticket for all matches “the Falcon” of the championship of the PFL and 1/128 of the final of the Cup of Russia on football Saratov costs 900 RUB Electronic season tickets are already on sale as e-tickets for the opening match on July 18 against “Dynamo-Bryansk”.

E-tickets are 75 RUB (for better recognition via QR-code club asks them to print). Selling paper tickets (100 RUB) for the match with the team from Bryansk opens on game day at the ticket office at the South gate of the stadium “locomotive”, through the same gate entrance will be organized.

At the Russian championship in rowing and Canoeing, three representatives of the Saratov region were in the main finals.
Fifth (behind 4,588 sec. from the third place) in the canoe single at 500-metrovke was Eleanor Kovalchuk, fourth in the canoe-pair at the kilometer (from “bronze” – 1,114 sec.) – Ramil Alimov, the eighth in the same discipline – Sergey Awkward.

Kevin Kuranyi of the victory of the Russians over the Spanish national Team showed team spirit

According to German footballer Kevin Kuranyi, Stanislav Cherchesov directs players with paternal severity, and they grow.The Russian team showed a “strong team spirit” in the match against Spain in the 1/8 finals of the world Cup. The confidence expressed in the comments that are written specifically for the DW, German footballer Kevin Kuranyi.

According to him, the entire game players Stanislav Cherchesov “supported the euphoria of the fans.” Coach “directs players with paternal severity,” writes Kuranyi. “And they grow. For example, the goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev. He was always very talented, but last he from time to time allowed themselves to outrageous mistakes. Unfortunately, this has damaged his reputation,” – said the footballer, in 2005, took bronze with Germany in the confederations Cup.

“Now the same mistakes with him is not happening, he shows real skill. At the moment the difference is very noticeable. Consider him a Keeper of the top-level,” wrote Kevin Kuranyi, who learned about the victory of the Russians over the Spaniards from the pilot of the plane, ready to land at a Moscow airport.

The player flew to Russia, where he now has the opportunity to witness swept the country of football madness. According to him, the fans raged so that the liner even “shook” in the air.

“A tense quarterfinal with Croatia”

Reflecting on the upcoming meeting of the Russians with the team Zlatko Galicia, Kevin Kuranyi wrote: “Against a strong Croatia will be a very busy quarter-finals.” “In terms of the national team under coach Zlatko Delica will definitely be better, but the Russians use all their combat power, to confront her. But the power of this really great – when behind they have so many fans,” he concluded.

The game is Russian and Croatian teams will take place in Sochi on 7 July.

Calendar fan: NGS publishes the schedule of all the games of HC “Siberia” in the new season

First home opponent of Siberia will become the Yekaterinburg “Avtomobilist”

NGS has prepared a calendar for the season 2018/2019 for the fans of the hockey club “Siberia” – Novosibirsk team will hold 62 of the match in September and February.

Continental hockey League published a calendar for the regular season for all teams. It turned out that their first game of the hockey club “Siberia” will play on the road September 2 against Cherepovets “Severstal”.

In General, hockey months will be for fans and for players of different saturation. The season will begin September 1 with a match between SKA and “AK Bars”. Will end the season on February 22.

For Novosibirsk the regular season will end away February 22, 2019. Opponents of Novosibirsk will Omsk “Avangard”. This season each team will play 62 matches.

Last season their first match “Siberia” has played at home against Spartak Moscow.

What a pain: novosibirets has lost two tickets to the 2018 world Cup in the Central market

Novosibirets Andrey Tuzovsky announced a reward of 10 thousand roubles to the one who will return him the lost tickets for the world Cup – FIFA refuses to let him play without the original ticket, said Tuzovsky correspondent NGS.

Новосибирец заплатил за билеты на ЧМ 35 тысяч рублей, однако не сможет попасть на матчи без оригинальных билетов
Novosibirets has paid for tickets for the world Cup 35 thousand rubles, but will not be able to get to the matches without the original tickets

39-year-old man bought the tickets back in March – 1/8 June 30 and the quarter-finals, both games going in Sochi. For tickets novosibirets paid 35 thousand rubles – for the first ticket he gave 14 thousand, and for the second – 21 thousand. Day may 31, Tuzovsky took the tickets to the delivery service, took a selfie with them and went to look for food at the Central market, where he stayed from 14:00 to 16:00.

“The courier service near the Central market. Took the tickets and went for groceries – meat and vegetables. Apparently, while he was buying, the package is either dropped, or what. I think lost somewhere from the street Krylov.Noticed in four hours, when they came home and decided to check if everything is in place and the package was gone. Went back but no one saw anything. Listings on the market hung, I suspect that threw them out” – describes the time and place of loss Andrew Tuzovsky.

Andrew Tuzovsky immediately asked for the duplicate in FIFA, but the competition said can’t do anything to help him.

“The prices of these tickets no, they are all registered, they already stamped my name. Without a passport to the stadium will not be allowed. FIFA said that duplicates are not issued, the tickets do in a single copy, to avoid fraud. I have a picture of the tickets, the cops took a certificate of loss of tickets, took a copy of the Bank transfer for payment, I have a passport fan – all documents, excluding tickets. FIFA say they will be decided will be at the ticket center, but the chances of me almost none. Willing to give a reward of 10 thousand roubles to the one who will return,” added Tuzovsky. The fan needs to fly to Sochi on June 28.

If you found an envelope with tickets to a world Cup champion, please contact the editor of the NGS on the phone 8-923-157-00-00.

Most of the city’s residents watching the world Cup at home: on the eve of two thousand football fans watched a night match with Egypt on St. Michael’s waterfront.

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