Sport 14.06.2018

Only positive emotions. How Voronezh citizens cheered for the national team of Russia. About 1.5 thousand Voronezh fans gathered in Admiralty square.

Today there was coverage of the first match of the World Championship on football between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Even for many hundred miles away from the Luzhniki stadium, the stands on these fans worried about the fate of our team is to support the country’s flag and chants and, of course, with a sinking heart watched the game. For the first time Russia hosts the World Cup, and this causes even more interest among the audience. Voronezh has also contributed to these competitions.

– I am very proud that in Russia came the World Cup, I myself am a football fan. For me, as I said from the scene, for me, football is more than life or death, so I will watch the matches, I’ll be rooting for the Russian team, I’ll wait for victories, – said Deputy head of Voronezh Alexey antilikatorov.

Place in the stands, the fans took over two hours before the start of the game, midway through the first half, almost no seats and near the stage. We will remind, on the Admiralty square, will broadcast all the matches of the Championship, watch a game here until July 15th. In addition, before each match, the Russian team spectators will have to wait for entertainment.

Came here after work to watch football. After all, the open, especially in Russia. Rarely see this. In principle, excited people very much, – said a fan Sergey Akinshin.

Sitting at home watching TV everyone can a lazy person, but to come out here, to talk, to give interviews, to see poapplodirovat and cheer with real people is a deeply positive emotions, – shared his impressions of fan Arseniy Zibrov.

Also football Novosibirsk “Iron wings” won Tomsk Warriors

Перед началом игры

Before the game

The Novosibirsk American football team today defeated the “Warriors” from Tomsk with the score 13:8.

“The meeting was held in the framework of the Championship of Siberia on the way. This was the first of five games in the series – twice play at home, in the Novosibirsk and twice on the road. Another game in Kemerovo for the promotion of the Championship” – said by phone coach of the Novosibirsk team Vladimir Lomakin.

Last year the NHS wrote about the first in Novosibirsk, the match of American football between the teams of “Iron wings” and “Crow”.

TV shows: Michael’s waterfront will remain without broadcasting the finals of the world Cup

Матч между сборными Франции и Хорватии начнётся в 22:00 по новосибирскому времени

The match between France and Croatia will start at 22:00 on Novosibirsk time

In Novosibirsk will not broadcast the finals of the world Cup – the correspondent NGS reported in the Department of physical culture and sports of the Novosibirsk region.

“We have planned to broadcast matches involving the national team of Russia. As the national team to play in the world Cup final will not be broadcast will be held. I can say with certainty. You need to understand that not just broadcast. It was planned only with the participation of the Russian team. We broadcast finished”, – told the correspondent NGS chief specialist of Department of development of physical culture and sports Natalia Vorobyova.

The final of the world Cup will be held July 15 in Moscow at the stadium “Luzhniki”. The match between France and Croatia will start at 22:00 on Novosibirsk time. The game will be broadcast on the channel “Russia-1”.

Recently, 2GIS has released updates for maps to the world Cup now in the directory you can select the institution that will broadcast the matches. In Novosibirsk was about 300 such places.

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