Sport 17.07.2018

The main trainer of “Torch” was the ex-footballer Voronezh team

This status Sergei Volgin received for the license category PRO.

The Voronezh football club “the Torch” has gained head coach. They became Sergey Volgin is a former player of “blue-white”. After his football career he began coaching and has devoted her more than 10 years.

The status of the head coach “the Torch” Sergey Volgin got, in fact, nominally, only by a license PRO. In fact, to lead the team will continue Igor Piven – him to occupy this position, just not enough for this document. However, even without a specific securities under his supervision the “blue-white” made a series of good matches on the finish of the championship, but the overall situation is not affected, the team remained in last place of the standings.

Due to the financial difficulties of competitors “Torch” will play in the regular championship of the national Football League. Today, July 17, will be the first match with “Tom'”.

“Crystal” starts on September 15, the jumper into the water – “gold,” MS

Yegor Stroyev of the Saratov region has won in Rijeka (Croatia) tournament of the World series in diving the “Mediterranean Cup”.

He was ahead of all rivals in the tower. In the team tournament he – “silver”.

The first official match of the championship KHL-2018/19 hockey players “the Crystal” will play at home September 15 – vs “Junior” (Kurgan).

Chetyrehluchevoy (matches paired home and away) first stage will end on 27 December, following the results of 9 participants will receive numbers that will determine which team is which in the second stage of the regular season will play only at home, some just visiting. This phase will end on 3 March, and the 9th is the start of the playoffs. In it, it comes out best in the two stages of 8 teams.

In the VHL – 2 beginner – “Yuzhniy Ural-metallurg” (Orsk, Orenburg region) and “Krasnoyarsk Lynxes”.

Goalie hockey “Siberia” has shown his helmet

Идею для дизайна нового шлема подала жена Алексея Красикова

The idea to design a new helmet was filed by the wife of Alexei Krasikov

Today, July 25, goalkeeper Novosibirsk ice-hockey team “Siberia” Alexey Krasikov showed off a new helmet, which will play next season.

New helmet on the sides decorated with images of Deadpool, who asks in English: “do You really want to score me a goal?”, and on the other confesses his love to the team “Siberia”.

“The idea I put forward my wife, when we watched the film “Deadpool” he says, cool to look original. Then she made a sketch, sent to the artist who deals with helmets, and airbrush. And he spent several weeks all done,” – said in the broadcast channel of HC “Siberia” on “YouTube” Alexey Krasikov.

Also on the helmet painted logos and KHL “Siberia” gaming room of the goalkeeper, the back says “Krasik 84”. Helmet, painted in blue and blue tones hockey club.

Before the hockey club “Siberia” has shown the new pads, trap, and blocker, which will play Aleksey Krasikov in the new season.

The first game Siberia this season will be held on 2 September, visiting Cherepovets “Severstal”. The first home match of Novosibirsk will hold a September 11 – the day they play with Ekaterinburg “the Motorist”.

Fakel lost with the minimum account principal rival

Kursk “Avant-garde” enough to win a goal.

Voronezh “the Torch”suffered a third successive defeat in the recently launched season of FNL. In Kursk our countrymen conceded a goal at the 22nd minute, which became victorious for “Avant-garde”.

In the first half, the hosts looked better, and in the second “Torch” had the opportunity to compare the account, but no luck. Orlov’s hit the post, nearly enough Lebedenko. Again
we have to admit that Voronezh looked good, fought on the field, but the results so far.

Well, let’s wait for the “Torch” will begin to score points and to support the team. The situation in the team complex. Moreover, recently it had, though illusory, but at least some prospects for revival.

The next match our footballers will play in Voronezh. On August 4, “the Torch” will play with Yaroslavl “Shinnik”.
The match starts at 18.00.

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