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Forward of Moscow CSKA went into hockey “Siberia”. After moving to CSKA played the last three seasons in the farm club CSKA – Chekhov’s “the Star”: 144 matches and 31 washer

24-year-old striker CSKA (Moscow) Vladimir Peshekhonov moved to the “Siberia” (Novosibirsk) have agreed that hockey clubs.

The announcement appeared today on the official website of “Siberia”. Vladimir Peshekhonov in the NHL made his debut with FC Spartak Moscow in the season 2013/2014. In total he played 38 matches (2+2).

“Last season, made a breakthrough in the game, scoring 47 points in 52 games with the utility indicator 17, and was captain of the “stars” of”, – stated in the message of the hockey club “Siberia”.

После перехода в ЦСКА играл три последних сезона в фарм-клубе армейцев — чеховской «Звезде»: 144 матча и 31 шайба

Recently, two of the player of hockey club “Siberia” has received a call to the youth national team of Russia.

The “Crystal” and “Proton” – new players and rivals

In women’s volleyball super League, joined the newcomers from Russia and Belarus – “the locomotive” (Moscow) and “the Woman”.

“Regular season” will be held from November 10 to March 23, the top 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs (30 March-5 may). Worst team elite division will be determined by the results of two-round tournament of four outsiders waiting for her transitional matches with the winner of the highest League “A”.

Saratov “proton” will enter into the new season significantly updated. The team left 7 people; the expected emergence of dogroses Anna-Miriam Gensonne (after a break in his career), Olga Bogdanova (“Zarechye-Odintsovo”), Ksenia Bondar (Enisey) blocking Rimma Goncharova (Sakhalin).

Hockey players “the Crystal” in the new championship KHL will have to open a few new cities in the tournament are going to join “Krasnoyarsk Lynxes” (Krasnoyarsk), “Yuzhniy Ural-metallurg” (Mednogorsk, Orenburg oblast), “Motorman” (Penza). Nizhniy Tagil (Sverdlovsk oblast) intends to not be a “Junior Companion”, but simply “Sputnik” in the championship KHL gone “Tambov”. Thus, in the championship KHL becomes 11 teams.

“Crystal” came from vacation, his ranks from Saransk “Mordovia” came back the attackers Roman Bykov and Nikita Timoshin.

Coach of “Falcon” announced the task, the athlete won “gold” CHR

In the championship of Russia in athletics among the blind in Chelyabinsk the gold medal in the shot put was won by Konstantin Sakura from the Saratov region. He executed the standard “Master of sports of international class”.

In the discus throw, the athlete finished with a personal record, finishing in fourth place.

The head coach “the Falcon” Alexey Stukalov (pictured) spoke about the team’s objectives for the season and the potential of the Saratov football players:
“In Saratov the priority of the local players. A team of about 70%. From other cities we invite players on problem positions that can’t close on their own. And the power is there, but just very difficult to return to “Falcon” the Saratov, who now play in the clubs of higher rank. If you collect all the students of the club, quite calmly, it would be possible to put the problem out in the first division.

In the new season I want to do better than in the past (seventh place). This summer, managed to strengthen by signing the contracts with qualified players. Back Artem Fedorov and Denis Anisimov. In the course of breeding looking for players young or middle-aged but proven”.

The first match of PFL Sokol’ll drive home today (beginning at 19 hours). Opponent – “Dinamo-Bryansk”, water at the Lokomotiv stadium through the South gate.

Drown in hot tea, ironed with an iron, trying to break: crash test plastic football scrublike

Так наша сувенирная купюра выглядела до всех испытаний, выпавших на её долю

So our gift bill looked up to all of the trials that befell her

Banknote of 100 rubles is dated for the world Cup 2018 appeared in Russian cities at the beginning of June, but not all – of the bills say in the banks, very few, first and foremost, they go to the cities where the matches of the world Cup.

Polymer basis gave bill a number of advantages over paper counterparts: she is not afraid of water and knows how to restore the original appearance, if it’s a little crush. One of the first bill got Tyumen edition of the Network of city portals. In the office 72.ru with her ceremony did not, staging a series of tests and torture recorded on video.

Do you want some tea? And some water?

The first thing bill bathed in a mug of hot black tea, and immediately afterwards in clean cold water. Extreme temperatures and moisture on the surface of the plastic bill easily passed. After we wiped the hundred-ruble note clean paper towel and again she was good as new.

But if pull in different directions?

By experiment found that the banknote can withstand the weight of one of the journalist of our edition and stay in one piece. With a paper bill, such a focus would not have happened. And this one is plastic, the test passed, so you can test her strength on.

Let’s make a money origami?

Since any did not tear plastic hundred-ruble note, let’s try to crush it. But stronger, sparing no effort. Creases obviously it was, but pieces of the bill has not crumbled. However, presentation is slightly lost. To regain her former appearance work, putting in some time under weighting.

Now erase bill! Where is our iron?

Bathing in boiling water a hundred-ruble note is sustained, and how about torture with the iron. Heated it to the max, put on the sheet of paper cloth, and on top of the banknote, a sheet of paper. I ironed, tightly clutching the iron. The new banknote with iron are not friends, alas. Farewell, you were great!

One-two-three, burn!

Iron is almost completely destroyed our editorial 100, but a piece of melted plastic still remained. While we’re at it, burn. And in all senses of the word. Burning well, quickly, as if burned regular plastic bag.

Do not repeat our experiment: it is dangerous. And very sad that rare gift banknote you now there is.

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