Sport 28.05.2018

In Voronezh at the time the world Cup will block the waterfront and several streets

Restrictions will be in place “to improve security”.

The movement in Voronezh during the world Cup will be limited, according to the press service of the city hall on Monday, may 28. So, from 22:00 June 13 until 23:00 on July 15, will be prohibited from Parking in areas Petrovskaya embankment and the streets of Sophia Perovskoy (from the streets of the Big Streletskaya street Chernyshevsky).

But it is not important – serious inconvenience will be caused by the overlap of the streets. Daily for the matches of the championship meraude to close the movement on sites Petrovskaya embankment and the streets of Sophia Perovskoy (from the streets of the Big Streletskaya street Chernyshevsky); street of Decembrists (from Taranchenko to the streets of Sophia Perovskaya).

The traffic will be closed:

  • 14 June from 14:00 to 22:00;
  • from 13:00 on June 15 to 1:00 on 16 June;
  • from 9:00 a.m. June 16-1:00 June 17;
  • from 12:00 on June 17 to 1:00 on June 18;
  • 11:00 June 18 till 1:00 on June 19;
  • 11:00 June 19 to 1:00 on June 20;
  • from 11:00 a.m. June 20 until 1:00 on June 21;
  • 12:00 21 Jun to 1:00 on June 22;
  • from 11:00 a.m. on June 22 until 1:00 on June 23;
  • 11:00 23 Jun 1:00 June 24;
  • from 11:00 on 24 June until 1:00 on 25 June;
  • 13:00 25 Jun to 1:00 June 26;
  • from 13:00 June 26 1:00 27 Jun;
  • from 13:00 on June 27 to 1:00 on June 28;
  • 13:00 28 June to 1:00 on 29 June;
  • from 13:00 June 30 1:00 1 July;
  • 13:00 of the 1st of July till 1:00 July 2;
  • 13:00 2 July to 1:00 July 3;
  • 13:00 3 Jul to 1:00 on July 4;
  • from 13:00 on 6 July to 1:00 July 7;
  • 13:00 July 7 until 1:00 on July 8;
  • 17:00 July 10 1:00 11 Jul;
  • from 17:00 on July 11 to 1:00 on 12 July;
  • 14 Jul 13:00 to 21:00
  • 15 July from 14:00 to 22:00.

In Smolny reminded how much medicine you can take with you the viewers and fans of the 2018 world Cup

Smolny published a list of items that you cannot bring with you to football matches of the 2018 world Cup and in the hospitality area for fans. Individual items are medicines and corsets.

As reported on the website of the St. Petersburg government list of prohibited or partially allowed to be carried into the hospitality area got spray cans, except for the drugs in amounts prescribed by a prescription, – you will have to show a prescription or a copy in Russian or English. The list is also prohibited corsets for the body, but stipulates that it will not affect the devices required for medical reasons.

With you will not be able to carry more than one package of drugs more than 7 different items (in any form, including sprays, drops and syringes in original factory packaging) and medical applications. The exceptions were the cases where the volumes are provided by the prescription – again, you will need to take with you. A separate paragraph are narcotic and psychotropic drugs – they will not be bring if there is no doctor’s prescription. Fall under the ban of any alcoholic beverages, glass containers and bottles, liquids in containers over 100 ml.

More than one package of drugs more than 7 items (in any form or Zavodskoy pack), you cannot also bring spectators to the stadium. In the list are prohibited narcotic, psychotropic and toxic substances and their precursors, including in the form of medicines. Earlier it was reported that fans will be able to go to games with narcotic and psychotropic medications, if they have a prescription.

Head coach Evgeny Pashutin leaves Avtodor

BC Avtodor head coach of the team Evgeny Pashutin will stop its cooperation by mutual consent of the parties. This news came as a surprise to fans as earlier it was reported that the contract with mentors extended for a year, and club President Vladimir Rodionov made it clear that Pashutin is still on the team.

The coach came to the club in mid-November, 2017 Under the leadership of the 49-year-old specialist team has a record of 12 wins in 19 matches of VTB United League and came to record in the newest history of the club 5th place at the end of the regular season. In the quarterfinal playoffs Avtodor three times lost to “Zenit” and finished the season in the final 6th place.

Rodionov commented on the news so: “With Eugene, we had some conceptual differences in views on the development of the club. I am convinced that the future of the “Avtodor” for youth. Pashutin – established high-class specialist with his established style of work, able to lead a team of high-level and to achieve her success. However, to reverse itself, trusting and giving preference to talented Russian players in front of the legionaries, probably already can not. In this regard, we have made a mutual decision to terminate the cooperation. Thank Eugene for his great contribution to the team’s victory and leaving him with a deep sense of mutual respect.”

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