Sportswoman thrown out of the team, not to pay

The claim of the father of Polina Oleg Roshchupkin to sports school of Olympic reserve equestrian Federation Novosibirsk region considers the Leninsky district court. The parents of the athletes achieve satisfaction, as they have not managed to challenge the exclusion of girls from school and now she has no place to fully prepare for the Olympics in equestrian eventing.
The right to train in their sports school girl lost when her parents asked the leadership to recoup some of the costs of trip to Poland for the competition.

“Pauline is engaged in equestrian sport from the age of three, during all this time, we have invested over 7 million in its sports. After the trip Pauline in Poland as a candidate to the Russian national team I asked more than 200 thousand rubles compensation from the centre for sports training. We were denied and retroactively expelled her from the school, why she developed depression. Now she can’t confirm KMS, to train and to get to Russian national team,” admitted mum of the sportswoman Tatyana pipes.

Federation of equestrian sport of the Russian Federation repeatedly invited Pauline to represent the country at competitions in Europe – the Polish Strzegom, Kreuth German, Austrian Weiner-Neustadt and Italian montelibretti. Pauline Roshchupkin became a candidate for the national team of Russia in February 2017, which gave her the opportunity to participate in international competitions.

Then Tatiana pipers asked for support in the Department of physical culture and sports of the Novosibirsk region, asking to offset the cost of tickets to Moscow, Prague, saddle and shipping horses to the Czech Republic, entry fees and training fees for Polina.

In order to participate in international competitions Polina literally lived in the stables

In may, the athlete went to the competition in the Polish Strzegom, and the Department of physical education and sport could not in time to compensate for shipping horses in the Czech Republic. Parents sold the trailer konavoska, and the girl had to live in the attic of the stables before the competition. In June 2017 the Department of physical culture and sport was ready to provide “the Center of sports training for equestrian sports” a grant of 200 thousand rubles for the participation of Pauline in training (a copy of the document is at the disposal of edition NGS).
But while the athletes competed in Europe, she has been an afterthought.

“July 5 in the mail I received a letter from the Federation of equestrian sports of the Novosibirsk region, they need to bring Pauline and Censorship at the Olympics in Moscow for his account without saying a word, the girl dismissed,” – said Tatiana pipers.

Horse Censorship remained with the Czech coach

The exception asked for Novosibirsk coach Anatoly Kirdin back in June, said the lawyer Reworking. The official reason for the exclusion – failure to comply with the schedule of the competition, the Novosibirsk team until the athlete has represented the interests of the region and country in Europe.
Due to the elimination of the center of sports preparation of the parents were not able to 200 thousand rubles, subsidies, and the horse Censorship remained on duty in the Czech Republic.

Coach of sshor of equestrian Anatolij Kirdin insists that the athlete has left itself, and its results are insufficient to get into the national team of Russia. “It has not been ruled out, she decided to leave. How could a coach just to eliminate? Polina with her mother wrote a formal letter will be for Moscow. Then she and mom were not asked to return part of sshor of. Her level is not high enough to get into the Russian national team”, – said Anatoly Kirdin.

Deprived of the opportunity to train in the Olympic school, rider was not able to prepare well and represent the country at these competitions the national team of Russia lost the opportunity to train, to confirm the title of the CCM and receive the promised subsidy of the Department for the transportation of horses. Censorship has ceased to recognize her, parting with a pet has become not only a shock but also a loss of important riders muscle memory. Girl practicing on other people’s horses, and she loses skills.

“After exclusion of many athletes from Ssora remain neutral, and I perfectly understand them. But I have good friends there with whom I communicate daily and see each other consistently outside the territory stables. Huge support from the team at the equestrian club “allure”, which I am very grateful,” – said the NHS Pauline Rostopchina.
Polina Firsova Resorcinol was offered to play for Germany

Polina – one of the most capable athletes-juniors in the Novosibirsk region, are sure not only her parents, but also the second trainer of Czech Republic Petr Veselovsky. A horse participating in equestrian eventing – dressage, good cross, but with show jumping and she has to work. European show jumping has become much more technically difficult than Russian, and the girl needs to perform in Europe. Despite the fact that the center of sports preparation of sshor of gave her a great base, I am confident Czech coach.

After excluding athletes Peter Veselovsky asked the Minister of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov, to take Polina Rashupkina back because of the high results of the international starts in Strzegom To Wiener Neustadt. However, the senior trainer of youth Russian national team on equestrian sport Vyacheslav Hoards stressed that the young athlete was in the team of Russia in circumvention of the mandatory requirements: victories in the championship of Russia, the Olympics and the implementation of international qualifications.

“She sits in Novosibirsk, and the horse stands in the Czech Republic. The horse is not prepared, and the child is not prepared. When she’s with another Mare sits – she doesn’t know what to do, but it’s not samovoz”, – said Vyacheslav Treasures.
Show jumping – the weak side of Polina, I believe in the Czech Republic

Coach of the youth national team of Russia believes that pushy parents “outsmarted themselves” when trying to get the athlete to the national team, and Pauline needs to train more and to win to return to the horse of the youth.

“I am a patriot of my country, of course, for Russia. I also love the city, but this year due to the circumstances, my results will be divided into two regions: NSO and Moscow”, – said the NHS Pauline.

Now, the young athlete and her parents plan to seek employment in sports training center and the abolition of the expulsion through the courts. In parallel, the family of a young athlete looking for more than 200 thousand to bring a horse and participate in the sports of the Novosibirsk region.

Not only Olympic athletes from Novosibirsk enter in sports scandals. So, in 2017, was taken into custody, the former Director of the municipal center of winter sports Konstantin Kashirin, he was suspected of stealing money to build hockey boxes.

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