Stadium “Buran” will receive a second life

The regional authorities have planned the reconstruction of the stadium “Buran”, located in left Bank district of Voronezh. The auction for the right to perform design and survey works on reconstruction of the sports facility published on Wednesday, June 20. Their initial cost is 5.5 million rubles. The results of the auction will be down on July 12.

Currently on the territory of the “Buran” is located stands with stands of the premises, attached to the stands of the sports hall, an outdoor stadium, playgrounds, and fencing. The contractor will be required to conduct measurement and instrumental examination of the technical condition of structures and to prepare conclusions about their operational safety and guidelines for safe operation.

Podium with podtribunnogo premises will be dismantled and build a new one for 500 people. It is planned to equip a cabin for the judges. Opposite are the sports core of the stadium: a circular Jogging track length of 400 meters, field athletics throwing projectiles, a place for long jump with a running start, for triple prizes run, throwing spears, two grounds for throwing the discus and shot put. Also there will be areas for high jump, pole-vault and pit running at a distance of 3000 m with obstacles.

The building of the sports hall will remain in its current form. And administrative complex is planned to build. It will house locker rooms, showers, a medical room, transition gallery for the sprint races, with facilities for the administration of school sports and coaching staff.

In addition, the contractor will design a checkpoint, a Playground with hockey sides, the area of the TRP and tennis court. Will also need to provide toilet for the audience, driveways, Parking spaces, flood lighting, sidewalks, landscaping, irrigation field device for throwing and water supply for the ice rink.

The customer of works was organized by the regional Department of building policy. The works will be financed from the regional budget. To perform them, the contractor will have until 15 December 2018.

In Novosibirsk Khrushchev appeared porches in the style sectors, LDS “Siberia”

Instead of hallways in the house in the street Ivanov, 41 – sector

Вместо подъездов в доме на улице Иванова, 41 - сектора

In Novosibirsk, showed the house with the logo of HC “Siberia” and figure of the hockey player that made a devoted fan, in honor of the opening of the tenants had a party.

The installation appeared on the facade of the house № 41 on street Ivanov in the Soviet area. The snowflake emblem of the club showed last week, but a hockey – only today. In addition, the house is an unusually designed the entrance to the entrance – instead they sector, as in Nepal, in LDS “Siberia”.

The author of the idea, devoted fan of the club Dmitry Kazantsev, made a two-meter installation with your own hands. He told the NGS that today, July 14, in honor of their open house was celebrated with the participation of the mascot “Siberia” – the evil snowman.

Installation on the house Dmitry did with his hands and at his own expense, but with the help of the management company

“Everything turned out very fun and ambitious, everyone is excited, everyone was smiling. I can’t tell, because it was the whole show. There was a band, snowman ran… a speech was made by Vitaly Mikheev is the Director of the “housing of the NSC”. Packed every night was a real discovery house dedicated to hockey club “Siberia””, – he told after the holiday.

The celebration brought together the most loyal fans of the Novosibirsk club

Today in the LDS “Siberia” has opened the sale of season tickets for the new season – the price of the most expensive reach 26 thousand rubles.

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