The winner of the marathon crossed the Volga in 42 minutes

11 August in Saratov held an annual swim across the Volga – marathon “River of health”. At the start there were representatives from swimming, triathlon, rowing, water Polo, Ironman, synchronized swimming, diving.

About 100 participants freestyle swam the river approximately 3.5 km from Engels to Saratov. Given the lack of tracks and guides many the distance was 3.7-3.9 K M.

According to the sponsor and inspirer of the marathon, Mikhail Volkov, the winner of the race of men saratovec Egor Knots in the overall classification overcame the distance in 42 minutes. among the First female was Anna Pshenichnova from Ulyanovsk, her time was 51 min.

“This year the current was very weak, and therefore the record was not delivered. The last participant swam for 1 hour. 40 min., and that was an absolute record, as all participants met the established time limit with a large margin and no one was withdrawn from the race,” explained Volkov.

Marathon runner-charity ran from St. Petersburg to Voronezh

His sneakers now the dust 7 areas. Marathon from St. Petersburg to Elbrus at his own expense arranged Evgeny Kutuzov. So raising money for treatment of children with cerebral palsy, talking about them in every city in its path.

Voronezh met a traveller brand new asphalt. Eugene admitted that repair works on the highway “don” impressed him. Marathoner crossed 1100 km, there is still a 1.5. Joking, haven’t lost any weight, but burnt. Transport does not enjoy matter.

The first days, talks, fair ran, now tired mostly walks – per day up to fifty kilometers. His personal record is 80. Says, met many helpful people. However, in one of the cities sheltered the traveler, its inhabitants had been robbed.

To see Elbrus Eugene has dreams not so much. Says does not waive its forced March just for the sake of three young residents of St. Petersburg. This is Vadim, Nastya and Timur information about them can be found in social networks, pages marathoner. For a month his way of treatment of these children has received little more than 250 thousand rubles. Evgeny Kutuzov emphasizes the collection goes through the Internet, there are published all the reports.

I hope to attract the attention of some “Miller”, for example. But really, honestly, we hope quite simple, ordinary, good people. Which, as I have not a lot of money. And here is the collection of 2 million could come literally at $ 100. If every translate literally 100-200 rubles, we will collect that tomorrow children will undergo rehabilitation, – said the swimmer Yevgeny Kutuzov.

In “Proton” – replenishment, racers – the winners of the “Ladoga Trophy”

Off-road marathon “Ladoga-trophy 2018” was held in Karelia and the Leningrad region, brought representatives of Saratov “gold and silver.
The winner of the “off-road Dakar” in the category TR-3 was Alexey Shokhin, speaking with Vitali by Lovescenes from St. Petersburg. Second place in the class TR-1 took Igor and Sergey Theological.

The next major start – rally “Hills of Russia” (the second stage of Cup Russia, on 10 and 11 June, Ulyanovsk oblast).

On the position of the Central locking in the Proton, invited 23-year-old volleyball player Rimma Goncharova. Last season she played for the “Sakhalin” and his game attracted the attention of the new head coach of Russian national team of Vadim Pankova.

Novosibirets became world champion in sports aerobics

Kirill Kulikov, together with coach Love Matveeva

Novosibirets Kirill Kulikov became the world champion in sport aerobics in the team standings – the Russian team showed the best result at the competition in Portugal, reported in the Novosibirsk centre of the higher sports skill. In this year’s world championship in sports aerobics is held from 1 to 3 June in the Portuguese city of Guimaraes.

At the world Championships Kirill Kulikov acts in two disciplines – aerostep and Aerodance. Also from Novosibirsk to the national team consisted of Tatyana Konakova and Gregory Shihaliev – they are nominated for the “mixed pair”.

A week ago Novosibirsk athlete Nikita Kozhevnikov became the champion of Russia in underwater sports – he is faster than all overcame the 6 kilometers in a marathon swim in flippers.

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