The stunt was performed at the scooter

Well-known Moscow extremely and executing complicated tricks on a scooter Peter Cooper held a demonstration speech at the stadium “Spartak”. On arrival, a member of team Rocket Show correspondent NGS said one of the organizers of the tour, the head extreme-Park “of Velitchka” Igor Antropov.

Известный экстремальщик Петя Бондарь прилетел в Новосибирск на городские соревнования, но помешал дождь Known extremely Peter Cooper arrived in Novosibirsk, city championship, but was prevented by rain

“In the framework of the visit of Peter had to pass the competition, but since it was raining, then the competition moved to the weekend. While it is not known on what day. <…> A competition we are divided into two parts: Trudovoy and racing. Here is a contest for the longest jump and best trick has already passed,” – said Igor Antropov.

The winners in the long jump and the most beautiful trick was a few

According to Antropova, has managed to jump on the scooter a few riders – they flew for a distance of 5 m.

Visitor extremely Peter Cooper demonstrated their skills.

At the end of 2017 I arrived in Novosibirsk known snowboarders who demonstrated tricks on the Bank of the Ob river and near the hostel of Novosibirsk state University.

Voronezh extreme threat showed performance at 100-meter height

Voronezh extreme Bogdan Korzhenevskiy shocked people new performance. The athlete showed acrobatic number on the ring mounted on a tower crane a height of 100 meters. Roller tricks Dmitriy has shared on his official page in “Vkontakte”.

The recording was made in June. According to Bogdan, it is very long and carefully prepared to the room, because the work at this altitude is very dangerous.

– The idea of numbers on the ring at the height of the was long ago. But to implement all safely and beautifully, we had a long time to prepare. During this training I competed at the competition where she won first place, shared in the video extreme.

He also conducted rehearsals not only in the gym but on the street at low altitude, which helped him to identify gaps in training.

Platform for the performance numbers the citizen chose a tower crane at a construction site in the Kominternovsky area. Says, focused on security and beautiful views in the County. The only minus was that the shooting was not agreed with the owners of the object.

In the end, the video skill of the extreme, coupled with the background of urban landscapes really created a very striking picture.

Switzerland will refuse bid to host the winter Games in 2026

The inhabitants of the Canton of Valais rejected the idea of granting a large loan to host the winter Games in 2026 in Sion. The application is likely to be removed.The application of the Swiss city of Sion to host the winter Olympics 2026 have not received the support of residents and, most likely, will be removed. The results of the vote in the Canton of Valais, whose capital is Sion, 54% of residents spoke against granting a multimillion-dollar loan to host the Games. In Euro terms we are talking about 86-million loan. Opponents of the proposal also pointed to the potential damage from the Games to the environment.

While in the city of Sion against the loan made more people – 60.9%. In voting participated about 63 percent of the population. Theoretically, the authors of the application can get the money for the Olympics from other sources, but this is considered unlikely as the organisation is against the will of the people. “We have no plan B,” said the head of Sion Philip Varone.

In years past, such a vote always fail. In 2017 against the Olympics voted Austrian Innsbruck, which also did not rule out his participation in the struggle for Game-2026. From the Olympic games-2022 declined Munich, Oslo, Stockholm and the Swiss Canton of graubünden. Thus there are 6 candidates intending to hold the winter Olympics in 2026: Graz (Austria), calgary (Canada), General application of Cortina d Ampezzo, Turin and Milan (Italy), Sapporo (Japan), Stockholm, and Turkish Erzurum. The decision will be made in September 2019 at the session of the International Olympic Committee in Milan.

Stress-a day of exploration and shooting in the tournament Tank Challenge (video)

Ukrainian tankers, according to those present at international competitions in Germany, this stage of the competition was a great success.

Tank Challenge 2018: exploration targets and quick shooting

On the second day of the tournament Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018 Ukrainian team tank, made in four disciplines. This was reported by the press service of the General staff of the armed forces.

Soldiers competed in recognition of combat vehicles of the enemy, determining the distance to the target, pistol shooting and the ability to adequately assess the tactical situation.

“In the end it turns out quite good simulator of stressful conditions: tired hands, the breath shot down, we should just go and do it quickly… Well comrades still screaming cheer, where without it.

Very cool, fun and interesting. And, of course, the cool thing is that our tanks have shown really great results. We hope for maximum points,” – said on yesterday one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation Alex Bobovnikov.

This year for the title of best platoon fighting crews from eight countries – Ukraine, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Britain, Poland and Sweden. APU perform at the T-84.

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