In “Big football” decided the semi-finalists

Today in the 1/4 finals of the tournament “Big football” played 8 teams SDYUSSHOR of the Kirov district.

The results of games play-off in the quarter-finals 8 teams. The result of today’s games:

Hospital №26 – the Mariinsky hospital – 1 : 0

Alexander hospital – Hospital for veterans of wars – 4 : 0

Research Institute. Dzhanelidze Hospital No. 2 – 3 : 0

Hospital of St. George, St. Elizabeth’s hospital – 2 : 0

As a result, in the semi-finals the team out the City hospital No. 26, Alexander hospital, Institute of emergency care. Janelidze and the City hospital of St. George.

Recall that semi-final and final game and game for 3rd place will take place June 14 on the field, nowadays the Kirov area (street Zina portnovoy, 21).

Last year’s main Cup of the tournament was won by the doctors of the 26th hospitalin 2016 and 2015 – Alexander.

“Delta” starts in St. Petersburg on the Czech Republic beach soccer

July 8 in St. Petersburg kicks off the championship of Russia on beach football. It will fight 9 teams. The first day of the “Delta” from Saratov will play with capital “Spartakom”.

The team managed to save a part of two key Brazilians – Bakinu and Igor. New face not only in Delta, but in the entire national championship will be another player from Brazil – Tanger Nascimento (recovering from injury – fracture of the little finger, the part in the first stage – called into question).

Before closing the bidding “Delta” left goalie Denis Parkhomenko, who played for the Russian national team U-23 Inter Cup, where the Russians were the second. He went to defend the colors of “Spartak”. Another goalkeeper Alexander Gusev recovered from shoulder surgery. Another goalkeeper Sergei Volodin joined the club after leaving “wings of the Soviets”. Remained in the ranks Scrutin Maxim and Andrey Pankratov. Joined team defender Yevhen Zakharov, who played for city, and a world champion striker Anatoly Permitin, who played last season for CSKA. Leased from “Crystal” Andrey Andreev, is a graduate of the Saratov football, and Andrey Vinogradov. In the application of the club was visited Saratov Andrey Gaisanov, Orhan Tagiyev and Nikita Ermakov.

In the first phase “Delta” also will play Elmont, “Innovator” and “city”.

Photo: in Novosibirsk there was a 100-ruble banknotes of the world Cup

Novosibirets said that the denominations are a little similar on paper – they are “plastic”

Banknotes of 100 rubles, dedicated to the world football championship FIFA 2018, appeared in Novosibirsk.

Reader NGS received two such banknotes at the office of one of banks on the Station railway today, June 8. “Touch it “plastic” even more than the Olympics, hundredths”, – he said.

These commemorative banknotes the Central Bank issued 22 may 2018 edition to 20.4 million copies.

“The above commemorative banknote is the legal tender of cash payment in territory of the Russian Federation and is obligatory to reception face value in all kinds of payments, for transfer on accounts, in contributions and for transfer in all territory of the Russian Federation”, – said on the website of the Bank of Russia.

In October 2017, the Central Bank announced the issuance of new banknotes in denomination of 200 and 2000 rubles.

US intelligence agencies recommend to football fans not to take in Russia gadgets

Director of the centre for counterintelligence USA Evanina warns that Americans may be Russia’s goal of hackers. He recommends not to take on the world Cup phones and laptops.A senior counter-intelligence officer United States William Evanina advised Americans traveling to Russia for the world Cup, not to bring electronic devices because they can be hacked by criminals or individuals linked to the Russian government. On Wednesday, June 13, according to Reuters. Evanina, an FBI agent and Director of the National centre for counterintelligence and security in the United States, warned football fans from the US, they could be a target for attackers, even if the Americans will feel that they are not of interest to hackers.

“If you plan to bring a mobile phone, laptop, or other electronic device – don’t make mistakes, any data on these devices, particularly your personal information can become available to the Russian government or cybercriminals,” said Evanina. He said that the highest risk subject to “corporate officials and government officials”. “If you can do without their gadgets, take them with you. If you need them, take any other device- not something that you use usually, and also remove the battery when you are not using your device,” said Evanina.

Another U.S. official on condition of anonymity, said that British intelligence agencies issued similar warnings to citizens of the United Kingdom and the football team of England, which is involved in the world Cup in Russia. Experts of the British National cybersecurity center (NCSC), part of the government communications Centre (GCHQ), also issued a warning to the British. While relevant agencies of the United States issued a similar warning to other major international sporting events, including the recent Olympic winter games in Seoul.

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