Here the story ends: the Russian team lost to Croatia on penalties

Our team has already performed a miracle by reaching the quarter-finals of the world Cup and today, our guys had a real chance to escape into space! Croats turned out to be hellishly difficult opponent, the Russian team fought to the last, but alas.

We conducted an online broadcast of this spectacular match.

July 08, 00:03

Good evening, friends! Here we go. Today we will see the most important match in the history of Russian football. Let’s vote completed the main time.

Completed the main time of the match Russia – Croatia

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08 Jul 00:04

Stanislav Cherchesov has named the national team of Russia. Today from the first minute will be on the field Denis Cheryshev.
Вот и сказке конец: сборная России проиграла хорватам в серии пенальти

July 08, 00:09

The players of our team already at the stadium!

08 Jul 00:12

Croatian players a few hours ago went to the stadium from the Radisson. The athletes were seen off by the fans.

July 08, 00:14

Let’s see what happens in the fan zones in different cities. Here’s how fans dressed up in Volgograd:

More photos in the photo story.

08 Jul 00:15

The stadium in Sochi is full of beauties, who came to support the Russian national team. Some took “whiskers of hope.”

July 08, 00:18

Fan zone of Yekaterinburg filled with fans. Every match the national team of Russia is an incredible rush.

And, of course, the headdress.

Is the cigarette supposed to hold in the teeth of a hot dog!

Came to football and a very beautiful couple. (probably couple).

July 08, 00:27

In Sochi and so hot, but there is also a very ardent support of players from both countries! Look what a beauty!

July 08, 00:31

Reader Constantine sent a photo as the field at the stadium in Sochi prepare for the match. Before the game starts in less than half an hour.

July 08, 00:31

Photographer Artem Ustyuzhanin is at the stadium “Fisht” in Sochi! We gave him a little jealous (actually very much). He reports that players have already warmed up.

July 08, 00:33

Important words said Stanislav Cherchesov.

July 08, 00:38

The meeting will be served by the brigade of arbitrators led by Brazilian Sandra Ricci. Will assist him compatriots Emerson De Carvalho and Marcelo van Gasse. Fourth official – Yanni Sikazwe from Zambia, backup assistant Gerson emiliano Zapata DOS Santos from Angola.

08 Jul 00:40

In Nizhny Novgorod pouring rain. Fanfest on the square of Minin and Pozharsky was even temporarily closed this afternoon. But Nizhny Novgorod is not to scare by the weather, thousands of people came to the fan zone to support the national team of Russia. Festival fans resumed at 20:00.

Due to the large number of people wishing to see the match today near the site of the Festival fans, Demetrius tower, installed an additional screen.

July 08, 00:54

Team on the field, sound anthems!

08 Jul 00:55

When playing the anthem, even the fans in the bars rise. This photo from Chelyabinsk: there the authorities have decided that citizens don’t need a fan zone, and they just have no place where they could gather to cheer the crowd.

08 Jul 00:58

Stanislav Cherchesov has changed tactics – today we are playing four at the back.

July 08, 00:59

In the semi-finals is not enough names only one team. And all of a sudden?

July 08, 01:01

Croats begin in the first half! Go!

July 08, 01:01

Many fans came to the stadium in Sochi with posters. At each completely different promises. For example, the boy asks Golovin t-shirt:

July 08, 01:02

Cheryshev burst into the penalty area, but give a pass failed.

08 Jul 01:05

The first dangerous moment at gate of Croats – Dziuba struck, but the defender and went out for a corner.

July 08, 01:06

Played Akinfeev Rebić drilled a dangerous cross along the goal. Angular.

July 08, 01:09

Ten minutes of the match. While Croats are more dangerous. Angular. Modric put the stands under the whistle, but the film knocked.

July 08, 01:12

For several crosses from the right flank were Croats. Need something to do with it!

July 08, 01:13

Dzyuba struggled to pass Samedova canopy, but Cheryshev failed.

July 08, 01:15

Oh, what a dangerous free kick now will play Croatia.

July 08, 01:16

Above the gate a shot!

July 08, 01:20

Top requests of players as high as possible to meet the Croats.

July 08, 01:23

In the fan zones, fans watching the game with bated breath. Live from Volgograd:

July 08, 01:24

Leading online so worried that I forgot to publish the results of the survey. Most believe in the victory of our team!

July 08, 01:24

What are your impressions from the match? While a lot of struggle. Some supereasy moments was not.

July 08, 01:26

The photo with the VIP-tribunes. The President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, this time watching the game together with the guests – next to her, the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. But we remember the game in Nizhny Novgorod, where it was lit with fans in the stands!

July 08, 01:29

Look at how concentrated Igor Akinfeev.

July 08, 01:30


July 08, 01:33

However, I’ve hit Cheryshev from outside the penalty area. DARISE! Cheers, friends!

July 08, 01:35

Stanislav Cherchesov encourages players just to calm the game.

July 08, 01:36

Not for nothing, apparently, fans across the country scored the fan zone to the eyeballs – our team shows them standing in the game.

Samara Kuibyshev square, which is 20,000 fans, are unable to accommodate all who want to watch the match. Hundreds Samartsev crowd around the checkpoint.

In one place of fans were held back by police

And those who failed to get into the fan zone

July 08, 01:38

Look at the joy of the fans and players!

July 08, 01:38

For the second yellow awarded to players of Croatia. It seems that they can’t move away from the goal.

July 08, 01:39

Cheryshev tried to reach the ball after a pass of the headlights. Failed.

July 08, 01:40

The Croats equalised. Naked in the locker room.

Kramaric equalized

July 08, 01:41

A very offensive goal: for the first time gave our defenders the freedom of the players of the national team of Croatia. And so…

July 08, 01:45

This is a very bad sign when a team concede goals before the break. Our guys need as soon as possible to forget about this unfortunate moment.

July 08, 01:47

And here in the fan zone in Yekaterinburg celebrated the goal Cheryshev.

July 08, 01:49

The first half ended. Let’s take a vote.

How do you play the Russian team?

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  • No, I play bad

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08 Jul 02:00

A few shots of the first half.

July 08, 02:01

Funny post from my colleagues from “Eurosport”.

July 08, 02:02

In Pervouralsk staged a street view of the match and apologized in advance to all.

July 08, 02:05

The second half started!

July 08, 02:07

Should help kokoshniks!

July 08, 02:08

While attacking the Croats. Should one shed after the other.

July 08, 02:09

Fan zone in Rostov-na-Donu, too crowded, let’s see how passionate the fans:

Jul 08 02:10

I think that soon in the national team of Russia will take place the first replacement. Need a fresh player. Maybe release Dzagoev?

July 08, 02:11

The impact of Kramerica on goal Akinfeev, but the goalkeeper was in place.

July 08, 02:11

Coming soon Erokhin – should help in the game at the top.

July 08, 02:16

Cherchesov is trying to change the game – on the field Samedov came Erokhin.

July 08, 02:18

Went wrong game our team…

July 08, 02:19

That’s the luck! After hitting the ball hit the post!

July 08, 02:21

After a corner Dzyuba struck with the head strike. Immediately after that, he got hit in the face with your hand!!! The judge!!!

08 Jul 02:22

Salamis, we believe in you!

08 Jul 02:22

Live from a crowded fan zone of Yekaterinburg

July 08, 02:23

Very hard to have our defenders in the second half.

July 08, 02:25

Coming soon to a field Smolov. Probably, it will replace Dzyuba, Artem while very useful plays.

July 08, 02:26

But out Denis Cheryshev – Cherchesov decides to leave the film. It seems that this is the right decision.

July 08, 02:29

Look at emotions.

08 Jul 02:30

Finally managed to attack: Fernandez hung, and Erokhin, but his shot was a little higher.

08 Jul 02:30

For the Russian national team cheer even in space!

Jul 08 02:34

More than 44 thousand spectators in the stands!

Jul 08 02:34

A lot of fight in the second half, the tension increases!

July 08, 02:35

15 minutes left!

July 08, 02:36

The Croats served the corner. Above the gate.

July 08, 02:38

Dziuba goes away – instead, he went Gazinskaya.

The time to think about the poster, which in the beginning was the cheerleader. Team without Dzuba.

July 08, 02:39

Kuziaev sweep, but none of our players did not expect such transmission.

July 08, 02:40

Erokhin lies – he got to my belly.

July 08, 02:41

Crush the Croats – they carried out one attack after another.

July 08, 02:42

Who is the handsome? Fernandez. Mario great substitute to striker Croatia was hit.

July 08, 02:43

Croatian Vrsaljko is penalised for handball and we get right to the box.

July 08, 02:43

Golovin put. But the Croats beat.

July 08, 02:45

Smolov is useless. Fyodor, you might never get the chance to prove himself at the world Cup. Try already!

July 08, 02:46

Angular canopy, but the judge fixes a foul in the attack. Carried.

July 08, 02:47

Perfectly supports the Fisht!

July 08, 02:48

It seems that the goalkeeper of Croats, though pulled hamstring. The replacements they have are no more!

July 08, 02:49

Preparing a backup goalie, but he can only go in extra time!

July 08, 02:51

Almost conceded from a corner.

July 08, 02:53

Fans in Novocherkassk were glued to screens

July 08, 02:53

Nice pitch shot into the near corner but the goalkeeper was in place.

July 08, 02:54

Ignashevich cleared the ball away after the next shed!

July 08, 02:56

Additional time! Will there be enough health leading this online? Write in the comments what you think about the match.

July 08, 02:59

Traditional joke about Medvedev.

08 Jul 03:01

Began extra time! The break was short.

08 Jul 03:02

We are going to see two halves of 15 minutes, and if you continue the draw, there will be penalties. Both teams in the eighth taking a penalty shot.

08 Jul 03:03

“Hammer!” begs fan zone of Yaroslavl.

Great photo – here.

08 Jul 03:04

A few photos from the fan zone of Novosibirsk. Here the match started at one o’clock, but people are still full:

More photos in this photo essay.

08 Jul 03:08

The Croats did the fourth replacement.

08 Jul 03:09

It seems that the judge had to appoint a penalty kick in our favor, but no!

08 Jul 03:11

The Russians missed out on the 100-th minute of the match. It’s a shame. But there’s still time!

08 Jul 03:12

On the field there was Dzagoev. Left very little time to save this match, which is so well begun.

July 08, 03:13

A dangerous cross, but ended with only a corner.

08 Jul 03:14

Erokhin was beaten after a pass from the corner. By.

Jul 08 03:17

Guys, we believe in you! Dzagoev hangs from a free kick, but the ball is cleared away.

08 Jul 03:19

15 minutes left.

Jul 08 03:21

Think a couple of the chances we will have. You should at least one of the things to implement.

July 08, 03:22

The little fan zone today organized even in the courts.

It’s Volgograd. Photos from the public Tin Volgograd/ VK.com

And this is the outskirts of Yekaterinburg

08 Jul 03:26

Corner Croats.

08 Jul 03:26

Kuziaev great shot but the goalkeeper was in place.

08 Jul 03:27

Smolov nearly managed to LOB the goalkeeper!

08 Jul 03:28

The Croat played a handball near the penalty area. WELL, IT IS NECESSARY TO REALIZE THIS CHANCE!

08 Jul 03:30


08 Jul 03:30

Super Mario!!!! Thank you, dear ours!

08 Jul 03:32

Well, of course beautiful football! And our team that fights to the end.

08 Jul 03:33

Some more photos of this fantastic moment.

08 Jul 03:34

Zobnin struck, but the goalkeeper was in place.

July 08, 03:37

Penalty shoot-out.

08 Jul 03:40

If we can win the second penalty shootout in this world Cup? One of the teams for sure.

Jul 08 03:41

Modric is advised who will be the first to beat. The first arises at the gate of the goalkeeper of the national team of Croatia.

08 Jul 03:42

Beats Fedor. The goalkeeper parried.

08 Jul 03:44

All hope for Akinfeev. But Horvath got.

08 Jul 03:45

Alan is accurate.

08 Jul 03:45

Again, I believe in Igor. Everything depends on him. PULLED!

Jul 08 03:46

Mario shot past!!! Well, well!

July 08, 03:47

Modric. Akinfeev touched the ball, but rod – and then the ball was in the goal.

July 08, 03:48

Ignashevich scored.

08 Jul 03:49

Kind of accurate.

08 Jul 03:49

It seems that all. Now has kuziaev. If you do not score, the match ends. It’s accurate.

08 Jul 03:49

Now last chance. If Akinfeev is not going to save the Championships for the Russians completed.



08 Jul 03:51

It happens. Any fairy tale is over. We really wanted to come at least in the semi-finals, but no.

08 Jul 03:55

The whole range of emotions on the faces of the fans. This is a fan-area of Rostov-na-Donu

And this is Volgograd:


08 Jul 04:05

The joy of the Croats and the bitterness of the defeat of the Russians.

July 08, 04:10

Fans are collecting the glasses.

July 08, 04:23

Thank you, guys!

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