Won superiority of Europe on volleyball

Five of the city’s residents became winners of superiority of Europe on volleyball among athletes with impaired hearing – final was held yesterday in Italian city of Palermo.

In men’s team of Russia played five Novosibirsk athletes: Kirill Komarov, Rodion Fedorchenko, Dmitry Kalinin, Pavel Romantsov – all athletes NCSM and Daniel Keda from the Centre of adaptive physical culture and sports.

“In the final meeting of the teams that scored the most points during the competition, and that the national teams of Russia and Ukraine. Our guys, of course, made the fans nervous. The first two games, the advantage was for volleyball players from Ukraine, then the Russian athletes broke the game in their favor. Fifth, deciding the party also kept in suspense and ended with a score of 17:15. Total parties: 3:2 in favor of Russia”, – told in the press service of the Novosibirsk centre of the higher sports skill.

Team Russia in volleyball among athletes with impaired hearing

Сборная России по волейболу среди спортсменов с нарушением слуха

Three Novosibirsk athletes have received personal awards: Dmitri Kalinin became the best blocker, Paul Romantsova, the judges recognized best pitcher, and Kirill Komarov – the best diagonal player.

Volleyball players “Proton” has presented the new head coach

Volleyball players “Proton” (Saratov region) has presented the new head coach Igor Karpov (instead of Yuri Marichev). It is reported that he was a pupil of the Saratov school volleyball has a big game and the coaching practice.

On the club’s website released a largely new team: diagonal – Nelly Alisheva, Natalia Dumcheva, binder – Anastasia Anufrienko, Alina Podskalny, Libero Christina Lavrov, Elmira Aliyeva, Central locking – Valery Zaitsev, Rimma Goncharova, dogrusoz – Anna Miriam Gensonne, Ksenia Bondar, Faith Kostyuchik forward – Anna Makarova.

Volleyball: in the team “Lokomotiv” came a strong player two meters tall

Last season, the Bakun won the Cup of the European volleyball Confederation

Novosibirsk volleyball club “the locomotive” has invited a team in the new diagonal of the attacker – a 33-year-old Konstantin Bakun. He will serve in the next game season 2018/2019, the press service of “Locomotive”.

Konstantin Bakun – champion of Ukraine, silver and bronze medalist of the Championships of Ukraine, silver medalist of the championship of Russia. And last season he became the owner of the Cup of the European volleyball Confederation. Novosibirsk club puts great hopes on him.

Bakun has 17 years of club sports career, which started in Ukraine. In 2009, he played for Turkish side Besiktas, then moved to Russian clubs. In the summer of 2016 he played for the Russian team at the World League and the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Last season 2017/2018 Bakun played in the Belgorod VK “Belogorie”.

The athlete has a height of 204 centimeters, which gives certain advantages in the game.

Informed the two players of the Novosibirsk volleyball team “Lokomotiv” got into the national team of Russia for participation in the prestigious tournament, the League of Nations.

In Novosibirsk laid the first stone of a huge volleyball center

Today, June 18, in Novosibirsk laid the first stone of a new volleyball center – future base VC Novosibirsk “locomotive”.

Закладка первого камня будущего спортивного центра

The laying of the first stone of the future sports centre

The centre has started to build near the intersection of Frunze and Ippodromskaya. At the ceremony, came the acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov, mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot, the President of the Russian volleyball Federation Stanislav Shevchenko.

“We are entering a new level of participation by our professional team “Lokomotiv” in games and the Russian championship, European championship and international competitions, so, of course, the venue is very important” – noted the importance of the object Andrei Travnikov.

Herbalists also stressed that on the basis of this volleyball center will be to prepare for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 of the Russian national team.

According to the press service of the Governor and government NSO, sports center will be the largest in the Urals: the area of all buildings is about 20 thousand square meters and the total area of the centre is 4.5 hectares. At the volleyball center will be two arenas – sports and training, they will be able to accommodate more than five thousand spectators.

The future center is a very important project for Novosibirsk

Volleyball center will be the base for the Novosibirsk “Locomotive”

“I think that we are already sure that this is our site. Will not time, in four or six to train to be dependent on someone – this is our house” – shared blocking the player “Locomotive” Ilyas Kurkaev.

The centre will build on Ippodromskaya close to the junction with the street of Frunze

At this center, as well as other sports facilities in ten regions of the country, the Russian government has allocated almost 4 billion in subsidies.

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