Hockey 11.07.2018

Hockey “Siberia” has prolonged the contract with the former striker SKA

“Siberia” has extended the contract with Sigareva year

«Сибирь» продлила контракт с Сигарёвым на год

Novosibirsk hockey club “Siberia” has extended his contract with 25-year-old striker Andrei Sigareva.

Information about this appeared on the official website of HC “Siberia” on the afternoon of 10 July.

“Hockey club “Siberia” has extended his contract for another season with a 25-year-old striker Andrei Sigareva (10.03.1993, 185/90). Last regular season the forward played for “Siberia” the 48 games in which he scored 24 points (9+15) when the utility indicator +2″, – is spoken in the message of press-service HK “Siberia”.

25-year-old striker debuted in the KHL in the season 2012/2013 the team SKA St. Petersburg. For “Siberia” Sigarev started playing in season 2017/2018 year.

Last week the NHS published the calendar for the season 2018/2019 for the fans of the hockey club “Siberia” – Novosibirsk team will hold 62 of the match in September and February. At the end of June, the club has shown a brand new outfit for a goalkeeper Alexei Krasikov – as reported on the official website of “Siberia” in Instagram, Krasikov will play her in the upcoming season. New Shin guards goalkeeper drawn signature snowflake and says “Siberia”.

Hockey: “Siberia” has conceded Minsk “Yunost”, and “Siberian snipers” won “Snow leopard”

“The Siberian snipers” pleased their fans

«Сибирские снайперы» порадовали своих болельщиков

In the second test match in Minsk HC “Siberia” has lost today the Minsk “Yunost” with a score of 2:3 (0:2, 2:0, 0:1). This meeting Siberians held to be very strong its composition: on the club’s website reported that “Demidov and Krasikov in the location of the Olympic team, Emmerton, Lisin and three Peltola campaign, was left out of the application,” therefore, the game with the Youth set youth.

“The Siberian snipers” on the contrary, pleased their fans and were able to win against snezhnye barsy Astana- 4:3 (2:0; 1:1; 1:2).

A few days ago, the goalkeeper of “Siberia” Alexey Krasikov showed off a new helmet, which will play next season. The design of the helmet was prompted by the player, his wife.

Hockey: “Siberia” is preparing for friendly matches and training camp in Finland in August

After a medical examination of hockey players “Siberia” will start training

После медицинского обследования хоккеисты «Сибири» приступят к тренировкам

After a medical examination, which will take place in early July, hockey players “Siberia” will start training, and at the end of July will go to Minsk, where they will play two friendly matches with local teams “Dynamo” and “Youth”.

After the match in the capital of Belarus Novosibirsk hockey players will go on gathering to Finland, where until August 12 and will play a few games with Finnish teams. In mid-August, the team will return home and continue the preparations for the new season.

Earlier NGS.NEWS wrote that the management of HC “Siberia” agreed to sign a one-year contract with a canadian goaltender Danny Taylor.

Hockey: “Siberia” on departure has won Minsk “Dynamo” the first test match

Gate “Siberia” defended Danny Taylor

Ворота «Сибири» защищал Дэнни Тэйлор

Hockey players “Siberia” played a friendly preseason match in Minsk, the local Dynamo and won with a score of 2:1 (1:1, 1:0, 0:0). In “Siberia” goals were scored by Julius Junttila and Alexander Loginov. The Belarusian team scored by Artem Artemov. The gate of Siberians was to protect Danny Taylor.

On the days of the ice hockey club “Siberia” has terminated the contract with striker Igor Levitsky: why it happened NGS reported on 1 August.

Hockey: “Siberia” has conceded in a test match Cherepovets “Severstal”

The meeting was held on an equal footing

Встреча прошла на равных

Tonight was held the next test match between hockey club “Siberia” and “Severstal”. Friendly match between two Russian clubs was held in the Finnish town of Valkeakoski. Novosibirsk hockey players in regulation time draw with Cherepovets club with a score of 2:2 (0:1, 1:1, 1:2, 2:2). In the first match scored Kulyash (“Severstal”), who opened the score at 4th minute of the match, and Bertrand (“Siberia”), equalising. Then Yashin scored the second goal in gate of Siberians and brought Severstal forward, but shortly before the end of the meeting until again equalized.

After the shootout victory has remained the same for hockey players “Severstal”, ex, this time more precisely and more successful than Siberians.

In the previous friendly match “Siberia” played away and lost to Minsk “Youth”.

Hockey: “Siberia” won in the third test match Finnish club Jokerit

Siberians” twice lost during the match, but still won

Сибиряки» дважды проигрывали по ходу матча, но всё же победили

Last night of HC “Siberia” has won strong-willed victory over the “Jokerit” from Helsinki with a score of 4:2 (0:1, 1:1, 3:0). Siberians” twice lost in the course of the meeting: 0:1 and 1:2, playing in the minority, but they managed not only to win, but in the end, to come forward. In the first case, the score was level Following Gleb, and another three goals scored in gate of Finns Enver Lisin, who after the match was voted the best player of the team “Siberia”.

Yesterday, the NHS also reported that Boxing fans in October will be able to see the match Novosibirsk boxer Mikhail Aloyan with boxer from South Africa Solani Aunt.

Hockey: Sibir lost the final match at the training camp in Finland

Before the match

Перед началом матча

Today hockey club “Siberia” held the final test match in the Finnish camp: played with the club COD. The account of the meeting- 1:5 (0:1, 1:2, 0:2).

At the very beginning of the first period Loktev removed on two minutes for delay of opponent’s stick and the Siberians were in the minority, but were able to provide decent resistance to the Finns. However, the first goal in this match, conceded “Siberia” – it happened on the 13th minute of the match. The first period ended in favor of COD.

In the second period Siberians playing in the minority, again conceded a goal in the gate – 0:2. It happened in the 24th minute of the match. And in ten minutes, “Siberia” managed to win back one washer: in the 34th minute goal scored by COD Sergei barbashev with the transfer of Yucca Peltola – 1:2. However, three minutes later the puck bounced off of one of hockey players “Siberia” entered the gates of Krasikov – 1:3.

In the third period at the 50th minute of the match HPK scored “Siberia” played in the minority, the fourth goal – 1:4. Four minutes later, the Finns, the Siberians score the fifth goal and the score becomes 1:5. The game is over, and tomorrow hockey club “Siberia” back to Novosibirsk.

Match with another Finnish club, which took place on August 8, was “Siberia”has more than successfully.

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