Georgian adventure Aurora and Dashi Subbotina


Aurora and Dasha Subbotina – old friends. They worked on the TV channel “Muz-TV” more than ten years, and even had a joint program called “Juicer”. Since then they are inseparable. Girls however, go to events, attend presentations and even go on holiday. Recently they visited in Georgia. And his travel notes they gave PEOPLETALK.

Aurora was in Georgia in the midst of Golden autumn, in late October. In Moscow the first snow fell, and Tbilisi was still warm autumn sun and the temperature never dropped below 23 degrees Celsius. We were lucky – we had a very comfortable, personal journey through Georgia jeep with driver David and guide Nodar from the company Caucasus Travel. We became good friends, so our journey was very cool and intense.

In just 4 days we managed to visit mount Kazbek, live at the legendary designer Rooms hotel Kazbegi, overlooking the famous five thousand meters. We went up to the monastery of Gergeti to the height of 2170 meters, offering one of the most impressive views of snow-capped mountain ranges and green valleys. There are so rarefied the air that I began to dance from happiness.

That’s where you need to go to do the best selfie photos, collecting thousands of likes. And hotel Rooms in the mountains are so stylish and atmospheric, so that there can safely spend the entire vacation.

The road from Tbilisi to Kazbegi takes about 3 hours, but what a watch! We stopped almost every 15 minutes, because Georgia is probably the most photogenic country. Zhinvali reservoir, the Ananuri fortress, the ancient town of Mtskheta, at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers… All these places are a must visit.
When we got to Tbilisi, we were already in love with Georgia. Tbilisi way of thinking, architectural eclecticism, live, genuine people, exotic nature and most delicious in the world khachapuri exceeded all our expectations. And Saturday night we were at a very elegant party in an old mansion with an “Italian” yard Pur.

In Tbilisi was held a special Aurora dinner at winemaker Heraclius and his girlfriend Mako. They live in a private house in the heart of Tbilisi, and in the basement they have a cellar where they poured biodynamic wine – Lagvinari.

Our recommendations in Tbilisi. It does not matter in which hotel you will live, because you have, most likely, will not remain a dream. No matter what will be your move – as long as your feet kept after the wine! No matter where and what you eat – in Georgia, all delicious. But it is important to meet as many people as possible, make friends with them, to experience Georgia from the inside. She – like a shot from the autumn-winter Blues and any adversity.



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