How to travel with minimal cost

The eternal problem: I want to break away and fly to Bali, and there’s no money left! But, imagine, even from such a situation there is a way. Not one! PEOPLETALK decided to collect for you the most options for budget travel. Read and pay attention, what you can save.

Booking tickets

Here you need to remember that it is advisable to book tickets at least 45 days before the trip. Then you will find the most reasonable prices. There is another side of the coin − if you are spontaneity. 3-5 days in advance to grab cheap tickets on the stock. And some airlines do discounts up to 50% in your birthday, for example. It is better to take tickets for the middle of the week, the best from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Not get round and bonus programs (e.g., miles). Once you’re no pros will not notice, but after a few flights you will feel the difference: you can take off somewhere totally free.

It often happens that tickets to big cities are cheaper than in small. Will be much more economical to buy a ticket to “cheap” places, and from there to get to places by train or bus.

How to save money on housing

First, there is such an interesting and useful thing, like couchsurfing. It has long been popular abroad, but in Russia, too, is gaining momentum. Thanks to this service you can easily sleep for free in any city of the world. Only if that is also you’re ready to share your sofa with travelers.

Second, always at your service hostels. Of course, during the tourist period even at a hostel can be expensive, but it is certainly not like hotels. Besides, it is always a great chance to negotiate with the administrators.

And you will help service airbnb.ru. You can always find a great apartment for a small price.

Hitchhiking is not only for the brave

Of course, it is a risk. But if in Russia, this is not all right, in such countries as North and South America and Australia, for example, things are easier. Locals only fun you want me to drop, and even to have advised the sea.

Free admission to attractions

In many tourist cities of Europe and North America are free walking tours (information about them you can find here: www.neweuropetours.eu). In addition, in many museums on weekdays, the visit is free, these days you can find on the official sites. Well, if you’re a risky girl, you can get into the territory of a “Hobbiton” in Oakland, passing the guard, through the fence.

Prepare your own meals

Or get yourself a installation is in the restaurants and cafes only once a day. And in General, to prepare itself in the journey will be even more interesting, especially in the kitchen of any hostel, where travelers from different countries can exchange culinary traditions.

Other important information: food is always cheaper where there are no tourists. So local should meet at least in order to show you the best places.

Use rail and water transport

In Europe (except Eastern Europe) train tickets are not too expensive, and the quality of transport at altitude. By the way, if you know in advance your itinerary, you can book the tickets well in advance – will work out cheaper. In Italy, for example, even cheaper than the train will cost to ship (from Naples to Sicily, for example).

Use discount cards

In many countries, students up to 26 years, pensioners, disabled persons receive discounts up to 50%, but with a need to have the international document confirming that you belong to one of these groups. For students is an international student card ISIC.

Look for free Wi-Fi

Not all cities can be found free on the Internet, especially in the center. But most of all the free access points can be detected in the networks of Starbucks, McDonalds and libraries, for example.

Use volunteer programs

Ideal for those who want to drastically change her life. For such programs you can go to Peru to teach the orphans drawing, and sewing or to Australia to care for a kangaroo. Often in such programs you have to spend money just for the tickets (and is that paid by the employer), food and accommodation you provide. This is a great chance not only to change the situation, but also to meet interesting people, see the world and be seen!
Then you will help these sites:


Use local mobile communication

Even if you’re going to be overseas for a whole week. Moreover, in many exotic countries SIM card absolutely free. But our most important advice: switch off your phone and enjoy the journey!


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