Where to go to relax? Tips from Jeanne Badoeva, author, and leading “eagle and tails”

On the TV channel “Friday!” started a new season of the popular show about travel “heads and tails”. Explore the most beautiful places of Russia Zhanna badoeva (it is, recall, led the first three seasons of the project) and invited co-host star – the first was the Timur Rodriguez.

Zhanna badoeva and Timur Rodriguez

“I led the show for two years (2011-2012), but then decided to leave because of a busy schedule. Now it so happened the stars – I finished shooting the old projects and the new (author’s travel) while at the stage of negotiations. And then I received this tempting offer – to see Russia, and to refuse I did not. Timur is not the first time we work together. He is a true professional, talented, easy, intelligent, with good sense of humor. We have already filmed Krasnodar, Kazan, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok. Ahead of the Khabarovsk and Kamchatka”, – shared the leading with PEOPLETALK. Jeanne told us advises where to spend the holidays and how to “survive” a long flight.

Vacation with children


As corny as it may sound – Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria and Greece. I have a great travel experience, but in these countries has created all conditions for rest with children developed. Important pros – short flight, which will not tire the children and save the nervous system of the parents on the plane, besides there are hundreds of family-friendly hotels with beautiful beaches, food, entertainment, children’s rooms. There is everything for children and adults.


And if something more exotic – Mauritius. For example, I liked the Royal Palm, there is generally you can forget that you have children. (Laughs.) Awesome a kids club – pools, food, entertainment, movies, festivals, master classes, children will definitely remember this trip.


But to go to Venice with young children I strongly suggest. There are always crowds of tourists, heat, narrow streets with cobblestones are not suitable for wheelchairs. If in Italy, only on the beaches.

Relaxing with friends


Definitely Barcelona! There’s sea, clubs, sights – for most of that. By the way, if someone does not know, the first, pilot issue of the “eagle and tails” we shot in this city. The feeling that Barcelona never sleeps. Exciting shopping, lots of sights, lots of bars and restaurants – all your friends will be delighted. And of course, the sea side. Wanna walk, wanna get a tan.


And still I advise to go to Milan – there is not only a cool shopping experience, but also terrific show, and good clubs. Just need to find the right guide and not just a guide of the city and such that took you through the “places for their own.” My friend complained that the tasteless pasta in my life he tried in Milan. I laughed for a long time. “You must have ordered it in a crowded tourist spot?” – I asked him. After receiving an affirmative answer, gave him a list of places where you go exclusively by the Italians. After a while he took back his words. It is therefore very important in Milan to find “their” man.

Las Vegas

Or America – in the first place, of course, Las Vegas, it is designed for companies, or new York, Chicago and San Francisco. Here is one recommendation: hire a car and go on American cities. The trip will be remembered for a lifetime.

Stay with parents


To Italy – to Tuscany or Venice. But you need to choose the right season. Now, in the summer, in July or August, you shouldn’t go – a lot of people and a wild heat. And the most important rule in Venice – not everywhere is there, it is better to get away from the tourist areas. I’m actually eating pizza in a cafe without a name.

But if you do go to Italy, then take a look at the island of Burano, there is a home seafood restaurant “black cat”. This is a small family restaurant, but all the Michelin restaurants just pale in comparison to him. It was appreciated, perhaps all, other than my husband (businessman Vasily Melnychyn, the couple now live in Italy. – Approx. ed.), he doesn’t like seafood.

And even in Vicenza there is a small theatre “Olimpico” (XVI century). An incredibly beautiful place (there even was a stone seat, so they stayed) and a great atmosphere!


Another recommendation – the most beautiful summer in Budapest. Give parents the local goulash, and they will be delighted. And then go for a walk in the cleanest city streets.


And of course, parents should go to Georgia – the country clear, welcoming, warm, delicious, near the sea, sightseeing and good wine. (Laughs.)

Romantic getaway

Of course, everyone has their own idea of a perfect honeymoon or simply a romantic trip. For a current standard options – the Maldives or Paris. But I would advise to go to Peru – this is the place where you can get an unforgettable experience. In this country I’m forever in love with at the first opportunity and come back again. The stunning beauty of the mountains, their colors impossible to describe, but it is a real ecstasy to the human eye. An unforgettable city of the Incas Machu Picchu, which offers great views. And of course, local cuisine. Your other half will be delighted and will remember this trip forever.

Life hacks for travel

I once counted over 14 days I have had 12 flights. Therefore, all have been flawless – no great hand Luggage small bag: water bottle, face mask, book, headphones, face cream, hand cream. Micellar water I prefer not to use it, noticed that it is even more dry skin. Should be comfortable clothing – always a jacket with a hood, to avoid, and warm socks. After the flight is sure to get a massage.


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