Where to go without a visa?

Want to drive for a couple of weeks on vacation, but be different! Here are the top 10 places where you can go without a visa!


Go to Tivat, the town in Boka Kotorska Bay. Visit the old residence “the Palace Butch”, take a walk in the famous Botanical garden and, of course, go to the old town center of Gornja Lastva.

How to fly: about three hours.


Ideal for newlyweds, incredibly beautiful scenery, five-star hotels, the ocean and the heat 12 months a year.

How long is the flight: about 10 hours.

The Maldives

A Paradise for divers (there is a very popular underwater walks), and lovers who want to relax. Peace, tranquility, the ocean and wonderful service. It is, however, not cheap (from 65 thousand per person), but for a Paradise on earth you have to pay.

How long is the flight time: about 9 hours.


Morocco is a romance, palaces, exotic nature and the local cuisine, which is characterized by spices and spicy seasonings.

How long is the flight: about 7 hours.


Go to Liberty Island. It is, of course, is associated with Che Guevara, rum and the best cigars in the world. And there are white sandy beaches. Your Instagram followers will be happy.

How long is the flight time: about 13 hours.


Bahamas is synonymous with luxury holidays. They come here not only to sunbathe, swim and do nothing but shopping.

How to fly with a stopover in London – 13 hours. With a change in America – about 20 hours.

Dominican Republic

The panties scared to death of spiders, go suggest some local restaurants live tarantulas sit on the walls as decoration. And those who still can enjoy the beautiful weather, beaches, the sea and active sports – they are in the range.

How long is the flight: about 12 hours.


Vietnam tourists go for a warm (year-round heat), quality hotels and low prices. Required to visit Phong Nha national Park Provides get on your bike and go, the mountains, rivers and caves.

How long is the flight time: about 9 hours.


Thousands of Russian tourists fly every year to Thailand – and there are delicious, beautiful, and fun. Never tried a massage… an elephant?

How long is the flight time: about 9 hours.


Active recreation, beaches (including black sand), surfing, excursions – well how to refuse such a pleasure?

How long is the flight: about 12 hours.


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