For the premiere of the Comedy “Kilimanjaro”: a guide to Baku. It will be the best holidays ever. Guarantee

Today on the screens out Comedy “Kilimanjaro” (producer Alexander Tsekalo (57)) about the adventures of the abandoned bride Marusya (Irina Starshenbaum (26)) in Baku.

The place was not chosen by chance: in recent years Azerbaijan has become a very fashionable tourist destination, and it is not inferior to Georgia. Here you all at once: mountains, lakes, and forests, and delicious food. Tell where just be sure to go.

Lake Masazir
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Masazir is one of eight pink lakes in the world. It is not usual none of the animals because of the high salt content. Yes, you can lie down and read a newspaper – the water will hold you.

Where: Apsheronskiy rayon, 25 minutes by car from Baku

Price: free

The Azerbaijani carpet Museum
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The largest collection of unique rugs, which is famous for Azerbaijan, are collected here. Is a Treasury of Azerbaijan national culture.

Address: Baku, street Mikail Useynov, 28

Price: 250 rubles

Bar and lounge Opera Sky
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The most popular hangout place in Baku – here you can meet photographers, models, editors of glossy magazines and just cool people. A big plus is that this bar is located on the last, the 29th floor of the business center Azure. And from there the views are simply extraordinary – Baku at a glance.

Address: Nobel Avenue, 15

Average check: 1500 rubles

Street Kulla kuchasi

Ideal for a romantic walk. Find on the street Kulla kuchasi house No. 17. He is very popular among couples. The thing is that on one of the balconies there is a sculpture depicting a young human girl and a cat on the parapet. Say, this trio brings love luck and happiness.

Address: Baku, street Kulla kuchasi, 17

Price: free

Little Venice
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Fans of romance and unusual events, be sure to visit Little Venice (or Venice, Baku) is an entertainment network of water channels built in the seaside Boulevard in 1960. On the banks of a Small Venice, you can sit in small cafes and restaurants, stroll in the Park, a ride on the gondolas on the canals (with a total length of 1350 meters).

Address: Neftchiler Avenue, seaside Boulevard

Price: from 200 roubles in 15 minutes

Ferris wheel

In 2014, Baku has built a huge Ferris wheel height of 60 meters. From this height the “windy City” can be seen at a glance. One round on the wheel will take from 10 minutes to an hour (it all depends on what kind of speed will set).

Address: Neftchilar Avenue

Price: from 110 to 185 rubles

Flame towers

Flame towers is an incredibly cool architectural complex in Baku, which involves three of the highest buildings in Azerbaijan. This skyscrapers shaped like flames. They were built for five years (from 2007 to 2013), and in 2013 they took the sixth place in the prestigious competition Emporis Skyscraper Award.

Address: street Mehdi Huseyn

Price: free

Harbour Tap & Grill

To run a snack all the locals will advise you in the Harbour Tap & Grill, serving top-notch beer and excellent seafood and happy hour (from five to nine on weekdays and six to eight on the weekend) – 50% discount on alcohol. And yet there would occasionally visit the coolest foreign singers and playing live music.

Address: Neftchilar Avenue 153 (Port Baku)

Average check: 1,000 rubles

Hokuma by Hokuma Hajiyeva
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Of course, in Baku a lot of shopping centres (for example, the famous Port Baku Mall) with the usual brands like Zara, H&M and Mango. But the Azerbaijani colour look in Hokuma is the first in Baku brand ready democratic clothing. Pay attention to romantic dresses in bright colors, skirts and ready-made kits.

Address: street Zarifa Aliyeva

Price: on request

Bar William Shakespeare
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A favorite place for rockers – there are often alternative group. For example, one of the first rock bands, Meridian Baku. And the rest of the bar is no different from the others – craft beer, hot wings and burgers are on the level.

Address: street Ali-Zade, 6

Average check: 1,000 rubles


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