Life hacking for travelers: what you need to take on the plane?

We all know that in any case it is impossible to take on Board: gels, aerosols, piercing and cutting items, and much more. But more interesting is that you can (and should) take in your hand Luggage.

Eye drops

During the flight you can start to dry eyes. Especially those who wear lenses. Bring drops and use them every hour.


Any flights, even the shortest, not the best way affects the skin: it is very dry, and the vessels suffer from the pressure drop. Tissue nourishing mask during your flight will help minimize losses.

Wet wipes

A very useful thing. First, you can drop yourself on a piece of food. Second, it is possible to wipe the face.

Sleep mask

So nobody touched (and the flight attendants are annoying), go to sleep in the mask. Tranquility is guaranteed.

A magazine or book

During takeoff and landing, many airlines require you to disable and remove mobile phones. Right! Spend a time to book!


Children. From them and their screams can’t escape. To listen to the crying of the children in flight no one wants, so earplugs needed.


To sleep without this pillow on the plane difficult, so be sure to take – with her you will not hurt the neck.


This life hack told us the flight attendant. Water with them is not allowed, but during the flight you need to drink necessarily – the air in the plane is very dry. Take a thermos and after takeoff, ask a flight attendant to fill it with water.


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