Dead sea mud and desert: rest as Irina Shayk

Мертвое море

The dead sea is perhaps the best natural Spa in the world. Here you can fully relax for a week. Or to call in for a few hours during a trip to Israel.

The dead sea

Irina Shayk with a friend in the Dead sea

A taxi from the airport “Ben Gurion” costs about 500 shekels (8 T. R.), but I advise you to bargain, go just two hours. And can be reached by bus for only 50 shekels (800 p.). The resort main attraction is the Dead sea itself. So choose a hotel closer to the shore.

This extraordinary sea, and here you need to follow some important rules.

  • Bathe only on the equipped beaches. In other places there are quicksands and failures, so don’t risk it.
  • It would be desirable, but to dive with a run here too. I don’t dive and don’t touch your eyes in the water. Pinching is so that your screams will bring half the country.
  • To be in the water can be no more than 20 minutes, and then be sure to take a shower (he is on every beach, as a clock to keep track of time).
  • Before swimming in any case, don’t shave your legs and any other part of the body (again this might sting). But if there are wounds on the body, smear them with vaseline or fat cream. I had blisters on her feet, and this hack saved me.

And now about the pleasant. If you, like me, are afraid of any living creatures in the water, the Dead sea is for you! It’s “dead”, and there is nobody and nothing but minerals and salts. And water, air and dirt so valuable, that people from all over the world come for medical treatment and beauty treatments. By the way, Irina Shayk this summer have come in shape after childbirth and vacationing with friends here.

Irina Shayk with friends at the Dead sea

The procedure for such action. Get up early and go to admire the sunrise. The dead sea is especially beautiful in the morning: a half-empty salt-white beach, clear water and mountain views. Grab a packet of ready beauty mud (sold on every corner for 5-10 shekels, 100-150 p.). It’s a magical superfunds – reduces inflammation and tightens skin, combats cellulite and excess weight and even strengthens hair. By the way, and the perfect souvenir. Safely obmazyvanija it from head to toe and hold for about 10-30 minutes. Then go wash off in the sea (except the head, of course).

Swim really does not work. Water farther from the shore, the denser and resembles the consistency of oil. But you can sit, lie down and stand without touching the bottom. After all, one mask to the whole body, I felt the skin become more elastic. Bored on the beach, choose any of the many Spa treatments in the salon or hotel. To make the wrong choice is impossible, because there is a very high level of training. And of course, excellent cosmetics based on Dead sea minerals.

Judean desert

Between beauty rituals sure to make your little adventure: a trip in the Judean desert by jeep (about 200 shekels, or 3 T. R.) and the ancient fortress of Masada.

On a jeep Safari feels almost Lara Croft. Alien landscapes around and the adrenaline of driving fast in the canyons and hills.

Yes, this is a desert with virtually no plains. Important: don’t forget that the temperature here in the summer and 40-50 degrees without a bottle of water is not enough. Get dressed photogenic. The Dead sea from the mountains offer beautiful and is a sin not to do a couple hundred frames.

The same jeep can take (add 50 shekels, or 700 p.) and to Masada – the ancient fortress of king Herod on the South-West of the Dead sea. If you like a long climb, you can go an hour uphill walk to Masada and pay only 5 NIS (80 p.) for the input, at the same time the well pump ass. Or like me, lazy but beautiful climb for 70 shekels (1000 p.) on the funicular and enjoy the views of the desert from the height of bird flight.

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Канатная дорога в крепость Масада
Крепость Масада

The legend of this place is impressive: thousands of Jews besieged by the Romans, preferred here to kill himself, not to become slaves. And from the fortress remained only impressive ruins of white stone.

The Dead sea is worth visiting just for the view from the heights of Masada. And at the same time to become a little nicer.


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