Vacation in Japan? We know where to stay


Vacation in Japan – the dream traveller. This is real Japanese cuisine, and indescribable Asian flavor, and cutting-edge technology at every step. But before any trip always raises a pressing question: where to stay? We know the perfect place – five star hotel Palace Hotel Tokyo (which, incidentally, is a member of the prestigious Association The Leading Hotels of the World).

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It is located in the heart of the business district of Marunouchi. Five minutes walk in one direction and you find yourself at the famous Imperial Palace (where lives the Royal family. However, you can only get there twice a year – the birthday of the head of state and for the New year), five minutes to another train to Tokyo station and from there an hour drive to the airport. This, incidentally, is an incredibly expensive area per square meter of housing asking a minimum of $100 000. Elite does not happen.

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On the territory of the Palace Hotel Tokyo has everything you need for a perfect vacation. There’s 7 restaurants. In Wadakura, Tatsumi tempura and sushi Kanesaka serves real Japanese food that you must try for every tourist. At the Crown you can appreciate French cuisine (say, make it not worse than in Paris), a Grand Kitchen – international.

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Each room is decorated in a traditional style with pastel tones, wood, and unobtrusive Japanese ornaments. Of course, there are all the amenities: LCD TV with large screen, DVD, safe, refrigerator. And, by the way, in the bathroom also have a TV (though smaller).

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In the evening you can visit the luxurious Evian Spa Tokyo. Especially popular anti-aging treatments as well as scrubs and peels for the body, soothing bath. Men also run up to an hour to make a “rapid recovery” – care for the face and body. And those who do not want to quit training even during the holidays, you can go to the fitness club with indoor pool.

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Location Palace Hotel Tokyo is also very nearby are the Imperial Palace, the shopping district of Ginza (where the life is boiling around the clock – shops, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants and clubs), and a little further – Akihabara where they sell electronics (brand new smartphones just there).


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