Travel notes: Constantine Andrikopulos about Maldives

Constantine Andrikopulos, Director for development Bosco Di Cilegi, and his wife Olga and I are avid travelers. But even more than to travel around the world, they like to document their trip. Travel notes about holidays in the Maldives Constantine conveyed PEOPLETALK.

Sometimes true luxury is nowhere to run, nothing to do, just a complete reboot. Especially valuable to do in the magical world of beach holidays in the Maldives. Moscow winter long, Jul wait is always long, so March-April is the time to visit the Islands. Flight to Paradise takes eight hours direct flight of “Aeroflot”.

We with Olga in the Maldives for the first time. This time got to see a fresh group creation ClubMed – The Finolhu Villas. A tiny island with 50 bungalows, surrounded by coral reefs and white sand.

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ClubMed is famous for outdoor activities, but The Finolhu Villas. There are virtually no children animation is offered unobtrusive and not everywhere. The rule of “talented person is talented in everything” works: ClubMed know how to create a good active rest, and they perfectly create an atmosphere of privacy, rest and relaxation. It was so at The Finolhu Villas.

During our stay we had to stay in villas on the water and on the beach. Despite a fabulous luxury Villa on the water we approached Villa on a white sand beach. By the way, I noticed that the color of the sand is so bright that even under the hottest sun in the middle of the day it not heated, you can walk barefoot.

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We should also mention the Spa right on the water. Specialists in Bali can work wonders for an hour and a half massage!

Suggest to start in the morning with a boat trip to swim with the mask and see the wonders of the ocean (and this does not require any special skills). What a pleasure to swim in the coral reef surrounded by hundreds of fish at arm’s length! And very funny to meet reef sharks – they are called baby shark. Kind quite peaceful, they never hurt anybody.

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Breakfast every day brings to the room Butler Riyan (he is always attentive to the guests), lunch and dinner in the restaurant on the water. You can also feed the fish swimming right under your feet.

The guests at The Finolhu Villas is a complete unloading after the Moscow hustle, work and non-stop activities. Here are all five stars well deserved.

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