Seychelles: why it makes sense to spend 10 hours on a flight?

Of the nearly 115 Seychelles Islands life is concentrated only on three – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. All the other or not at all inhabited, or given for private recreation for billionaires and celebrities. Among them are those whose infrastructure is limited to one guest house. This is understandable: fly to the Seychelles for a relaxing stay, wallow under the palm trees (if there is no such word in the Russian language, the analogue are in Creole is, by the way, simplistic but very beautiful version of the French) and doing nothing.

That must be why they are quite expensive. Burger in the restaurant will cost 1,500 p. So, if you’ll take breakfasts and dinners at the hotel, won’t regret it – the food here is diverse. Chefs in the hotel to easily and skillfully deal with pizza and exotic snacks. Local food you might not like it: solid vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes, for example, the most favorite). Even mangoes are used as garnish and served in a vinegar sauce (dubious pleasure), but you can buy fried flowers. It seems, therefore, so the locals are smiling – well, except maybe to be angry with the one who eats flowers?

Breakfast in The hotel H Resort Beau Vallon Beach

Our driver Marlon (Yes, in honor of Brando) this was his opinion: he believes that the man who lives literally in the sun (there is sun 365 days a year), just can’t be unhappy.

The Parade Of Seychelles International Creole Festival

With emotion (and love for Creole culture) local and started his own carnival. At the end of October by as much as 10 days, the capital of Seychelles, Victoria, with one small Hindu temple in the centre’s own mini big Ben, becomes a sort of Rio de Janeiro. However, the same as the big Ben – home version. At the local parade (Seychelles International Creole Festival ) until a flock of dancers from all over the world, but attracts young and old from across the country.

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Seychelles participation in the parade is a great honor, so that among groups, professional vypleskami barefoot on the pavement, there are teams of students, local municipalities and even scavengers. By the way, opened the parade of the Minister of tourism. He treated us to fried flowers and three kinds of dried bananas. First we watched the action in the VIP box (along with miss Seychelles – 2017, Oh and was a big problem she must be in this heat in nylon tights), but the fun started when we went in procession through the streets of Victoria. First time in my life I danced the Creole dances. Yes, right on the street. Yes, right with the orchestra. Local is only pleased.

But our Lena found more interesting entertainment – the parade was attended by local sailors. In ironed white form they resembled most of those that landed in new York in one episode of “Sex in the city”. And Lena could not resist – perefotografirovat with everyone.

The Parade Of Seychelles International Creole Festival

With such rampant seysheltsy complete the festive week. However, after her take another day off – they are very much like Sunday to gather with family and friends on the beach. And then on to Beau Vallon (the longest beach on Mahé) and really no room to swing fall.

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Пляж Бо Валлон
Остров Ла-Диг

So do we: drive on the ferry to La Digue, to see the most beautiful beach in the world. Waters are shallow here and the water is clear even in a hundred meters from the shore. Pictures will turn out great and without filter. And what do you need for Paradise on earth? Well, except that giant turtle. But they are there.


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