Than foreign men differ from the Russian?

хавьер бардем

And we are back on foreigners. It is necessary to understand, why Russian girls are so often abandoned all attempts to have relations with Russian man, and set out to conquer Europe. Advance warning, aliens are not that positive as they seem. And everything is relative…

Reaction to failure

Could not continue the evening at his place? He’s not upset! One German I once said (we knew each other for three hours): “I like You so much, what about sex?”. Yes, it is in this form. Not only that, I didn’t send it to a known place, and embarrassed – so he is sincere and just said. I said no. And he still managed to hug me and say, “no problem”. Russian men usually never say, and if they say something you want them to hit, and if you get rejected… they also want to hit.


If a Russian man will be jealous of you for all the childhood friends and colleagues, the alien first carefully look closely to him – testing the waters. And even will try to establish contact with the applicant for your attention. So he thinks up a strategy, make sure whether it is true his assumptions. By the way, in contrast to the Russian, a foreigner will not say through clenched teeth, “everything is fine”, and home to throw a tantrum. Of course, is hysterical, but the effect of surprise, because in a moment of rage, he behaves politely and with dignity. Miracles. So there’s really know reason to be happy: the effect of surprise is not always useful.


First, most foreigners go straight to the point. I want him to kiss you or invite to yourself after the first date – easily. They need to understand how you feel about them. If you’re in a relationship with a foreigner, he will always tell you openly about what he likes or not. And, of course, demand the same from you. There is not a ride doubts, excuses and “talk about this later”. But the Russians often take your position and be silent about all you will be together, hoping that someone’ll actually learn how to read minds.


It is unlikely that the foreigner (especially Caucasian) will scatter socks around the apartment and splash the mirror with toothpaste. But bear in mind that if you’re going to do (and still leave the hair dryer, the hair comb to scatter or cosmetics), it’s not going to be happy. In General, most foreigners in this plan are boring: they all should be on the shelves and according to plan.


Unfortunately, if you’re going to complain about life, to tell deep stories or philosophize, don’t expect every foreigner will support you. Of course, he steadfastly’ll listen, but is unlikely to share the same revelations. It’s not you Russian soul, which is constantly suffering. And most foreigners limited in terms of breadth of interests. They are good in what they do, and other areas not particularly interested in. So to gab about everything it is, rather, part Russian.


“Drink vodka, the land lying” – not about foreigners. They are Russian men ready a month to sit without money and grazute in debt, and then spend the salary of one day. But a foreigner, before to buy cool new TV, you first travel half the city and will spend the night at the sites with equipment, waiting for discounts to find cheaper (though then the price difference is ridiculous). They do love to get the discount and savings cards, to go on sale and bought in hypermarkets.

Segregation of duties

For men of foreigner completely normal to wash dishes, to iron his shirt or cook you dinner. And it is unlikely he will demand from you the soup and polished to a Shine floors. But back to pedantry, it is, of course, wants you to keep order in the house and did not disdain to once again dust on the TV.


From the foreigner you are unlikely to get flowers (in Europe, for example, flowers decided to give except to a funeral), although from the Russian often will not wait… But they know how to care as if for the first time in love – get a lot of compliments, attention, care (especially with regard to feed you or need a ride somewhere) and some minor, but nice gifts. In General, they know how to charm you. And, most importantly, will not require anything in return.


If Russian guy is willing to drop everything and rush across town on your first call, the alien even stressful. He has his own schedule and his plans, which he always adheres to (even when madly in love). He needs to arrange a meeting with relatives to go to the gym and on any master class, and after he is pleased to meet with you. And foreigners don’t like it when people are late for a meeting (though they also love to stay).

married to the Austrian

The most important difference between Austrian men from the Russian, in my opinion, lies in the allocation of social roles between man and woman, or rather in his absence. For Europeans very valuable gender equality in the family and in society at large. Absolutely excluded from a lexicon of phrases like, “it’s a female thing” or “I’m a man”. Men, do not hesitate to wash dishes, clean the house, cook, sit in the decree with children, etc. But there is, of course, another side to the coin: it is rare that a man will propose to raise the stairs suitcase in the subway or give a coat. Unless the representatives of the “old school”, that is an old uncle.
Austrian men are not known for their sophisticated courtship, like the Italians or the Spaniards, and here, too, contributed equity. It is normal that the girl pays for herself on a date.
In companies all manifest themselves in different ways, depending on temperament. My husband is very sociable and always flows quickly even in an unfamiliar team. From the Russian men in this it is distinguished by friendly manners when meeting: he, being very open, not limited to the hands, maybe hugged a new friend, patting him on the shoulder.

married to a Dane

Danish men are in the country in the same position as the Russian women in Russia – they are smaller, plus feminism is thriving! Therefore, men are more attentive and take care of themselves. Not very well maintained full the girl in flip-flops and sweat pants stretched to be popular with the nice and handsome men at the bar. The Danes easily start relationships with women older than myself (recently, a handsome 28 years old, a friend of my husband married a little chubby woman under 40 with two children and these stories of the sea). They take care of children along with women cooking, washing, cleaning. Oh, and Danish men have no idea what is cellulite – to the delight of the local women!

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