Effectively, fashionable, beautiful: favorite sport stars

Recently Ksenia Sobchato (35) shared on Instagram a photo of Bhutan, South Asia. Star travels, walks in the mountains and enjoys beautiful views: look what the forest!

Hiking and long walks (Hiking) enjoy a great popularity among celebrities. Convenient and efficient: only need the mountains, sneakers, a backpack with water and your favorite music in the headphones. Well, if no mountains nearby – you can start with the hills in the Park and to plan a vacation! In the selection of Peopletalk – 6 celebrities who prefer an active vacation of Hiking treadmills.

A love of mountain walks came from Reese Witherspoon (41) after the filming of the movie “wild”. There she played a girl who committed a lone Hiking trip of 1800 km a star can often be found walking in the mountains with his daughters.

Reese Witherspoon in “wild”

Singer Pink (37) – a young mother leading an active lifestyle. Now Pink is rarely used, and her last song came out in the last year alone. But about the fans she remembers and shares with them personal photos: Cycling, Hiking, skiing.

The Singer Pink

Recently, love Hiking and confessed the singer Valeria (49): she’s resting with his family in Switzerland walking in the Alps. By the way, Valeria goes on vacation is not the first time a year ago she and her husband Joseph Prigogine (48) also walked to a mountain lake.

Valeria and Iosif Prigozhin

To recover after the divorce brad pitt (53), according to insiders, in part helped long walks in the mountains alone and proper nutrition. Well, worthy!

Brad Pitt

Actress Amanda Seyfried (31) tries every morning to spend with the Pets in the fresh air, and often shared with fans photos of mountain forests.

Amanda Seyfried and her dog

To keep yourself in good shape Eva Longoria (42) also helps Hiking: mountain landscapes and words of love to these walks appear on her page often.

Such a good example to give us the stars – no wonder most of them live in the Hollywood hills (and their height more than 500 meters above sea level). And we have a place to walk: a lot of interesting and beautiful routes can be given by the Caucasus, the Khibiny mountains, Ural mountains, Kamchatka. As for warm up suit and the nearest Park.

So, when camping?


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