About wedding in Uzbekistan, favorite places in St. Petersburg and New York

The secular lioness, the owner of the author’s cuisine restaurant, the founder of the ballet school Matilda Shnurova, told in an interview with RIA Novosti why she considers the Gulf to be her personal place of power, and New York is an ideal city for tourists, for which she loves Italy and Japan and does not like eastern markets, and also about how she danced at a wedding in Uzbekistan.

My personal place of power is the Gulf of Finland

We, the citizens of St. Petersburg, were incredibly lucky to have a real sea near us. With all these epic sunsets, mighty pines, old noble and professorial dachas and crystal clear air, which can literally be a spoon. It’s great to organize evening jogs, ride a bike, sunbathe and cleanse your head of bad thoughts.

Sunset on the embankment of the Neva River. In the background are the Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Peter and Paul Fortress.

I love Italy – for the fact that it manages organically to combine in itself one so different in nature, architecture and cuisine regions

The sea, mountains, high fashion, spiritual food, old and new architecture: having traveled to Italy by car, you see one set of countries at once.

Matilda Shnurova

Matilda Shnurova

And it is impossible not to love the Italians for their attitude to life, the ability to enjoy every day and, of course, for the priceless art of dolce far niente (pleasant idleness).

But when going on a trip to this country, one must always remember that there are no such monstrous delays with intricate transplants, like the Italian airline, with no one. Therefore, the golden rule – have at least three hours in reserve, so as to be in time for everything.

Matilda Shnurova

Matilda Shnurova Matilda Shnurova

Venice, Italy

Speaking of the most vivid impressions, first of all an incredible Japan with Tokyo and Kyoto arises in memory.

Despite all this, these metropolises managed to preserve their centuries-old traditions. Moving on a high-speed train from a multi-storey mad Tokyo, like a time machine, you get, for example, a geisha in a quarter – which, it would seem, should no longer exist. A local, nothing like a kitchen, tea ceremonies! All this makes a strong impression.

And, of course, Uzbekistan – when in a week my friends and I toured Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, seeing every region of the country in its uniqueness and color.

An indelible impression on us was made by two weddings, on which we managed to visit that trip.

One – a village for 500 people, where we were invited as guests of honor from Russia, so that we performed the first dance.

You worry when you are staring at 500 pairs of eyes in anticipation of what you are about to betray. To the second song the guests picked up the baton and started to dance to us.

The second wedding – a wealthy couple in Tashkent, for five thousand people. Here, in addition to the number of guests, we were struck by the traditional morning pilaf, which men gather early in the morning.

New York is definitely an ideal city for tourists.

Here you can go for a long and beautiful walk, getting from this incredible pleasure and not experiencing the slightest problems with logistics and infrastructure.

Matilda Shnurova

Matilda Shnurova

And in Greece, some absolutely cosmic products, and more delicious food than there, I probably did not eat anywhere.

In fact, many want to return. In New York – always (which I try to do almost every year), to Paris, Tokyo, London.

And no foot… I do not like the eastern markets with barkers and traders who are trying to grab you, violating the boundaries of your personal space. Such places are not close to me.

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