Batman, a mosque and a sports car: how to relax in Abu Dhabi

In the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi decided to go for gorgeous beaches and lots of shopping. But there are still three good reasons to travel to this Emirate.

Park Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

On July 25 at Yas island in Abu Dhabi opened theme Park Warner Bros. World. In this “universe” live Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry and other all your favorite characters Warner brothers.

The first thing you see when you log in are the Batmobile and the Golden statue of bugs Bunny. And going on the red carpet inside, you find yourself in the world of Superman: heroic music plays, the sky metropolis in pink sunset (high-tech coating indistinguishable from the real sky). Be sure to go into the hall of fame of the Justice League, where in mode 5D to fight evil side by side with the heroes of DC comics.

The next town on the road – a grim Gotham city. While I was walking around the house of horrors the Joker and Harley Quinn, Batman managed to save a couple of kids from the criminals. And here is the coolest ride in the Park – the carousel Scarecrow Scare Raid, where the passenger himself controls the cabin while it is spinning under the ceiling and can turn itself at any time upside down (the main thing – to indicate that the cabin sit two by two, it is also a test of trust to his companion).


After these hilarious “horror” goes into the cartoon world, Sylvester and Twitty. I am personally delighted the house Tom and Jerry with the eternal mess in the kitchen due to their irreconcilable differences. And the most active photoproton visitors, they say, is in the van The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo.

In prehistoric cafe the Flintstone eat a Burger from mammoth (he’s a really impressive size, but the waiter refused to disclose the true origin of the meat). And of course, throughout the Park you can buy the boring obligatory Souvenirs from the ears of bugs Bunny to the present collection of comics and a full outfit Batman or Wonder woman.

Ticket price: 80 $ – adult, $ 60 USD – child (includes a visit to Ferrari World)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


Ferrari World opened in 2010 and is the largest indoor theme Park in the world. It has everything that you want like extreme. The first thing the employees themselves suggest the Park to ride on roller-coaster Flying Aces. This is a giant coaster that simulates the most daring flight of the aircraft with a triple loop and rapid peak. To understand how this is an impressive trip, bear in mind that I was asked to remove their shoes, as it can fly, and the hair upon arrival, resembled a beehive. One more obligatory point of the program: Formula Rossa – the fastest slide in the world, accelerates to 240 km/h in five seconds. If your vestibular apparatus is not enthusiastic about such adventures, you can ride on the carousel prototype cars Ferrari and other less exciting rides (29).

If you want something more real, adjacent to Ferrari World located a real racing track – Yas Marina Circuit. When it is not racing, Formula 1, you can ride behind the wheel or in the passenger seat of a Ferrari or Aston Martin at a realistic route athletes. Of course in the beginning you will pass a detailed briefing and in the cockpit will be the Navigator who will tell you all the dangers of the track. My humble personal record was 250 km/h and felt I at least miss Schumacher.

Ticket price: 80 $ – adult, $ 60 USD – child (includes a visit to Warner Bros. World).

Visit Yas Marina Circuit: for drivers – 375 $ (Aston Martin) and 1140 $ (Ferrari), for passengers – 215 $ (Aston Martin).

The Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque

In addition to modern entertainment in Abu Dhabi is a traditional attraction. A real Eastern Palace – the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. Named in honor of the first President and founder of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan who was buried in it. The main feature is that it is one of the world’s two mosques, which allowed everyone, regardless of religion. But you must follow the rules: women at the entrance to wear the Abaya (a wide, fully enclosed dress), men have to be closed in feet and hands; before entering you must take off your shoes; you may not bring food and drinks, and to talk loudly and move quickly. No records not done – here the large carpet (47 tons) and chandelier (12 tons) in the world.

The local guides talk about the history of Islam and the architectural features of the mosque. Come here near sunset, to feel like a Princess, walking among the columns painted with flowers and humming to myself, “Arabian night, magic of the East…”

The entrance is free.

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