Couple are trekking Australia with their one-year-old

But, despite this, one adventurous couple are doing exactly that – with their one-year-old daughter in tow for the 1,000-mile journey.

Incredible images show Justin Jones, 34, and his wife Lauren, 37, with their youngster, Morgan, on their trip through the bush, where they’ve so far completed 621 out of a gruelling 1,118-miles.

Family affair: Justin Jones (left) and his wife Lauren (right), pictured on the trek with their youngster, Morgan

Professional adventurer, corporate speaker and documentary maker Justin, from Sydney, has already completed two world-first expeditions, but has now brought a literal meaning to the expression ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

In his twenties, he kayaked a total distance of 2,061-miles in 62 days as he travelled from Australia to New Zealand, then he traversed Antarctica from the coast to the pole and back, totalling 1,413-miles.
Explaining how she and Morgan ended up joining Justin on his latest trek, sustainability and corporate strategist Lauren, from Seattle, USA, said: ‘For his third expedition, he wanted to do something closer to home and wanted to explore his home country, Australia.

‘His original plan was to traverse the length of Australia, through some of the most remote deserts and areas in the world. Then he met me, fell in love, got married and then we had our first child, Morgan.’

Joint effort: Justin dragging a cart of supplies that can weigh up to 240kg, while Lauren pulls the slightly lighter 70kg cart

Al fresco dining: After working-up an appetite, mother and daughter enjoy a meal on-the-road

Rock on! Thirty-seven-year-old Lauren takes a stroll across rough terrain with Morgan, one, on her back

Three is family: The trio are more than halfway through their country-spanning expedition

She added: ‘All of a sudden being away for four to six months felt like a bigger deal than before and he didn’t want to miss out on seeing her grow up and change. So, we started to talk about ways that we could merge having a family life and an adventurous life and from there our trip was born.

‘We decided to do the desert expedition as a young family of three with our one-year-old in tow, roughly traversing half of Australia from the centre down to the coast to Port Augusta through the remote and rugged Australian Outback – on foot.’

The Jones family started their expedition on July 20th and expect to finish on October 28th.

They began their journey at Kaltukatjara (Docker River), near the border of Western Australia, and have passed some of the country’s most iconic places, including: Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), Uluru (Ayers Rock), Mount Connor, Mulga Park, Kulgera, Aputula (Finke), Oodnadatta, Lake Eyre, and Lake Torrens.

At one with nature: Little Morgan cools off in some refreshing river water, before exploring the surroundings while wearing some protective netting

Always time for a selfie! The adventurous trio have chronicled their journey with a photo diary, which they share online

The chores never end! Even while navigating the outback, the laundry is undertaken – old-school style

‘The purpose of this expedition is to merge a family life and an adventurous life,’ added Lauren. ‘We are attempting to settle down differently and break free of the traditional confines, safety and security that often go hand-in-hand with having children, at least for a period of time.

‘We want to take ourselves out of some of the trappings and the hustle and bustle of our normal city life to create space and time for what really matters – and learn to let go of what doesn’t.

‘It’s also important for us that we help raise a resilient, curious, strong and kind child. A child that appreciates and protects nature and we feel like the best way to do this is to lead by example and get outside.’

Who needs a bathtub? Morgan takes a dip in some natural waters, while supported by mum Lauren

Sunset: After another busy day clocking-up the miles, Justin and Morgan enjoy their evening meal in the open air

Taking shelter: With intense conditions, the couple are extra-careful about exposing their daughter to nature’s harsh side

Perhaps unsurprisingly, having a young child along for the ride has presented some unique challenges, but they insist it has been rewarding to watch her grow up in this environment.

‘Morgan just started walking one week before we left Sydney and headed out to the bush on our expedition,’ said Justin. ‘To see her not only learn to walk but run in the Outback, and adapt and thrive in one of the most unique, beautiful but also harshest and most remote areas in the world, is amazing.

‘We can’t think of a better early life experience then being surrounded by nature 24/7 and learning from the school of life.

‘She waves good morning to trees, says “night night” to the sun, has learned fire safety and helps us collect wood for the campfire. She knows what stars, the moon, trees, birds, sky, sun, sand, dirt and rocks are. She knows what sound an Emu makes. She’s petted baby cows, ridden a pony and slept under a million stars.

‘The most dangerous things we have to look out for, for us and probably more keenly for our daughter, are snakes. It’s a fine balance between letting her walk around and explore and making sure you have a keen eye out for snakes hiding in the brush, grass or bushes.’

For more information visit www.thejonesys.com/outback-expedition/.

Parenthood: ‘It’s also important for us that we help raise a resilient, curious, strong and kind child,’ says Lauren

Good times: There’s no doubt the family are making some incredible memories on their trek

The route: The family started at the centre of Australia, then moved down towards Port Augusta

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