Where will surroundings refugees go when the hold rises?

But as coral reefs around the world are turning into bleached coral grave yards, the super corals of Palau could hold the option to saving the world’s coral reefs reefs.

This island then nation of Palau on the inside western Pacific ocean is across the frontlines of the climate crisis . The very thing that has long nurtured people there now threatens them and their way of life.

In the form of oceans warm and ocean levels rise, we visit efforts to protect the people together with the unique biodiversity of Palau, including a unique sub-species linked jellyfish.

Geologi Jazeera’s Nick Clark sits down down with the President relating to Palau, Tommy Esang Remengesau Jr, a veteran campaigner regarding world stage, who is fighting with each other to draw attention to the plight of the people of the Pacific.

Heidi Zhou-Castro trip to the Alaskan village in Newtok where Alaska Indigène are confronting the demonstrative and financial toll regarding to move, as the sea employs their homes.

And Mereana Hond is situated out the vast impacts related with just a half degree grad celsius rise in global temperature.

Al Jazeera’s Oliver Varney goes underwater to observe the pioneering work of people on Palau’s Barrier Deep sea, hoping to unlock the secret in Palau’s super corals develop special strains able to counter the stresses of a increased temperatures planet for use in reefs just about.

We speak with scientist Ralph Keeling that also along with his father Charles deliberated levels of carbon dioxide in the earth – what’s now the Keeling Curve.

Finally, Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler is in The Netherlands whereby they’re using age-old engineering to explore the possibility of building living spaces on the water.

Source:   Al Jazeera News

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