Unexpected resort of Greece: a true Greek Constantine Andrikopulos tells me where to go for the weekend

If on vacation you do not like to just lie on the beach, but also mountains to climb, our material just for you! Of course, Sochi, Georgia, Italy, France – it’s not bad, there’s a holiday for every taste, but fans of Greece can also count on variety. So if you’re already planning a ski vacation for next year or want to rock climbing in the summer, near the sea, go to the Greek area of Arachova, on mount Parnassos.

Constantine and Olga Andrikopulos

More about this place will tell you our guide, the Director for development Bosco Di Ciliegi Konstantin Andrikopulos.

My Motherland Greece is not only famous for beautiful sea, Greek salad and a delicious moussaka. But also a variety of landscapes, which I don’t have time to read. It’s amazing, but in Greece there is a ski resort! So my wife decided to go there.

Arachova is 1.5–2 hours away from Athens and 40 minutes from the nearest coastal area of the city of Galaxidi. By the way, lives in the mountains my friend, whose company (Contec) and built a beautiful Chalet.

Day 1

Arachova is also called the Mykonos of winter. There are many tavernas, restaurants, cafes and clubs. We walked around the shops, bought a variety of teas (blended with Mediterranean herbs, fruits and spices) in a fun shop “Tea road”. For lunch chose Oistros, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Arachova, which specializiruetsya on pies with cheese, stuffed zucchini, chickpea and spinach, Osso Bucco with local pasta.

Then we went to the Museum of Delphi, there really wanted my wife Olga, who had beforehand acquainted with the history of this place. The scenery of Delphi in ancient times was considered the center of the Earth, where they were in the harmony of nature and civilization.

After we decided on a scenic ride through the snowy forest of fir trees and waterfalls in the Northern part of Parnassus.

The Chalet we expect a lit fireplace and Greek wine with local appetizers mezedes. Surprise was big Russian Billiards, which was located in the living room. And then we went to bed. I must say that it was one of the most relaxing nights in a long time.

Day 2

We were expecting a Breakfast of French toast, fruit, meat, yogurt and local honey. All morning we walked around the neighborhood, admiring the Chalet and gardens. It’s very stylish!

And then decided to go to the ski centre of Parnassos. It is considered the largest ski center in Greece and is open from December until April. Located at an altitude of 1640-2260 meters. On the slope of the a lot of beautiful slopes, and for fans of adrenaline there is a Park Snow Fun.

Constantine and Olga Andrikopulos

The view of the sea on the background of the mountain peaks reminded me of Sochi is one of my favorite cities in the company of Bosco, the ski resort “Rosa Khutor” is an hour’s drive from the sea shore.
Next was lunch at the restaurant “Fasoli”: great food and great views guaranteed. Grilled cheese, sausage made from wild boar, risotto of pumpkin and kebab from Buffalo are some of the dishes that we tried.

Later returned to the Chalet to rest, and looked in a real Russian sauna!

In the evening we had dinner in the bar restaurant Grand Chalet and enjoyed the festival of flavors: cheese fondue, sausage, risotto with “trilogy of mushrooms”, homemade pasta with Basil and local cheese graviera and wild boar. The day ended with a piano by the fireplace. And on Monday morning we went to Athens return flight in the afternoon.

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