Travel notes: Constantine Andrikopulos about Provence

Constantine Andrikopulos, Director for development Bosco Di Cilegi, and his wife Olga and I are avid travelers. But even more than to travel around the world, they like to document their trip. Travel notes from Provence Constantine conveyed PEOPLETALK.

From nice we went to Provence, where light and Sunny. This place has long been called “kissed by God”. Our final destination is the castle Chateau d’estoublon. It is in those places where they make the best olive oil in France. I like the Greeks were very curious.

the way, the owners of Chateau – Valery Schneider, Rebel with her husband Remi. Her grandfather is Russian Greek, who migrated from Russia to Switzerland, and his father, the former owner of the Swiss watch brand Breitling.

When entering the Chateau we were met by signs “directions of Mr. Andrikopulos” and our elegant Butler Frederic.

The castle is only delight. Olive fields and vineyards are located around him on hundreds of acres, and the interiors represent the real French aristocracy. This is not a hotel but a house in which you can get on special occasions. The perfect place to gather with friends, and even better – to get married. Here a total of 20 rooms, including 10 rooms. At the restaurant for external guests and store your wine and oils.


We should also say about the food. For Breakfast our chef and Butler Frederic surprised us with a big copyright mix freshly squeezed juices orange and green flowers, croissants and cheeses.

In the same delight we left from dinner on the birthday of Olga: truffle risotto with fish and local wine are mono-cepage Grenache.

And another told us how they produce olive oil, which is considered the most luxurious in France. It, by the way, they sell in bottles in which we used to see spirits. Like a true Greek, of course, I know what cold pressed oil. Before to select the oil from the olives, they were boiled in the water that spoils the properties of the oil.

Cold pressed is a method of pressing with the use of modern technology, which ensures maximum return oil. And I, as a fan and connoisseur of butter, I confirm – it’s a very high quality and delicious.

And, of course, we walked around the surrounding towns: Saint-Remy-de-Provence with its shops and market and Baux-de-Provence with castles and a unique Museum of Carrieres de Lumieres. On a bright note and ended our journey in Provence.

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